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Arcadis gives graduate engineers career breadth and depth

Arcadis gives graduate engineers career breadth and depth

 August 13, 2018

Kate Francis is a graduate engineer at Arcadis and openly states that “Arcadis is the natural home for motivated graduates.”

Kate has been pleasantly surprised by the breadth and depth of experience she has already gained at Arcadis and says that she has been fortunate enough to work on a diverse range of projects, including suburban residential developments, transport projects and high-rise inner-city apartment blocks.

“I am excited to continue my professional development with Arcadis and am now working towards a project management role. Arcadis is proactive in preparing young engineers for future management roles through a variety of professional development programs,"says Kate.

The professional development programme at Arcadis that Kate is most excited about is called "Global Shapers" - and this programme enables graduates to gain extensive professional experience across a diverse range of industry sectors.

Great teams and work culture at Arcadis

“It’s great to work within such a highly motivated and talented team,"explains Kate. "My colleagues have vast industry experience and help me to develop my engineering skills every day.”

Professional development is key at Aracadis

“As a graduate engineer, we have direct contact with clients and are charged with championing client relationships right from the start," suggests Kate. "Arcadis trains, guides and mentors its young engineers, and gives them opportunities to lead projects early.”

Arcadis values and supports women in engineering

“I am a strong believer in women working in engineering roles, so I am delighted to be part of a company that champions and encourages diverse work teams to deliver the best results for our clients,” says Kate.

High profile projects are on offer at Arcadis

Kate has also worked in civil engineering on a residential subdivision. “I was on the civil design and engineering team for a 200+ lot residential subdivision in a growing area on a city fringe.” She also worked on an exciting high-rise residential project: “I was the lead civil engineer and development approvals coordinator for a high-rise residential development project.”  Kate also has experience working on a water treatment plant. “I completed the monthly independent verification to confirm the works being carried out were according to plan."

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