How can engineering possibly be gendered?

How can engineering possibly be gendered?

"We wanted to dispel the myths around engineering, it's dirty or scrabbling around under the bonnet of a car - and that's nothing to do with what a professional engineer does" says former University of Sheffield student Carol Morris, Senior Lecturer of The Open University.

Engineering is a fantastic career choice for men and women, unfortunately women are woefully underrepresented.

The University of Sheffield wants to show the huge diversity of the engineering discipline; to break preconceived notions of what engineering is and to showcase their excellent Women in Engineering at the university.

Forget what you think you know about engineering and find out why engineering is a great choice for women from our own female engineers; past, present and future.


Fahima Indeir, Materials Science and Engineering PhD Student says "When I was in High School I had no idea what engineering was, nobody told me what it was about. I asked my brother what engineering was, "It’s for men, are you willing to go to work with men in desert oil companies?" When I announced I was going to be an engineer to my Mum, she was very happy. My mum supported me, she believed that being an engineer was the right choice for me. The funny thing now is that most of the people that objected to my choice are very proud that I am now an engineer."


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