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Arcadis women put clients at the centre of their work

Arcadis women put clients at the centre of their work

 August 13, 2018

Nathalie Ritzky is a Key Account Manager at Arcadis and in her role, she knows that monitoring the market and ensuring Arcadis’ high standards must be constant in order to remain the best choice for clients.

“I believe in putting the client at the center of everything. If you look for a real connection with your client, if you show them that Arcadis can bring the added value they need, they get confidence and an emotional preference for you,” explains Nathalie.

“In everything I do, I aim for quality and simplicity with a clear identity,” says Nathalie. “I focus on having a good knowledge of our different services, building an empathic relationship with our clients, being well prepared, and providing an enthusiastic, positive and constructive attitude.”

Passion is the engine of success at Arcadis

What really drives and inspires Nathalie in her career at Arcadis is developing and exploiting her values, talents and consistently doing her job with great passion. "I like to create added value for society,” comments Nathalie, a dedicated employee.

Arcadis supports professional development

Nathalie really enjoys working together with her colleagues from different departments and from different countries. "We like to learn from each other and to inspire each other,” explains Nathalie.

Maintaining great work life balance

Nathalie aims for perfect balance between her work and life outside work - and Nathalie enjoys two areas that are incredibly important to her - the indoor track which relates to her values, talents, passions and family; and the outdoor track which relates to her job, training and the people around her. "Arcadis certainly helps me balance both,” comments Nathalie.

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