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Kayla at McKesson is fine tuning her leadership skills

Kayla at McKesson is fine tuning her leadership skills

 August 13, 2018

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Through McKesson's Emerging Professionals employee resource group, Kayla has been able to grow and fine-tune her leadership skills so she can contribute to something bigger than herself. Learn more about how McKesson develops their future female leaders via their many impressive resource groups.

McKesson employees know that their work makes a difference in the life of a patient, every minute of every day. And they take that job seriously. That’s why they come to work every day, ready to deliver. McKesson celebrates diverse perspectives and innovative thinking. They are problem solvers and answer seekers. They are life-long learners and passionate explorers - and they are shaping the future of healthcare.

Key employee resource groups at McKesson

McKesson's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are just one of the ways in which the company can feel like a smaller community. These ERGs help McKesson grow in cultural sensitivity, equality and fairness.

McKesson has eight different ERGs with many chapters to choose from.

  • McKesson's Outstanding Women Networking, Inspiring and Taking Charge (OWN IT) Resource Employee Group is McKesson’s first ERG. OWN IT works to make McKesson a top employer of choice for women by promoting the development and advancement of a world-class female workforce.
  • McKesson's Ability Resource Employee Group empowers and connects employees to reach their full potential through inclusion and full spectrum accessibility for employees with disabilities and caregivers.
  • McKesson's Pan Asian Voices for Excellence (PAVE) Resource Employee Group provides professional development to employees by harnessing strengths found in diverse backgrounds, building cultural awareness and engaging in community events.
  • McKesson's ASPIRE Resource Employee Group provides professional development and growth opportunities to African-American employees and advocates.
  • McKesson's OPEN Resource Employee Group supports the overall goals, objectives and initiatives of McKesson to be a prominent employer of choice for LGBTQ people and allies.
  • McKesson's Military Resource Group creates opportunities for all employees to recognize and welcome veterans and their families to McKesson.
  • McKesson's Emerging Professionals Resource Employee Group helps educate and empower early career, career change, and millennial professionals.
  • McKesson's Professional Association of Latinos Employee Group creates and supports opportunities in career development and community outreach while also deepening camaraderie at McKesson.

Join McKesson via an exciting career pathway

Tap into the great support and activity at McKesson, a leading a healthcare services and information technology company, via one of their many exciting job vacancies.

McKesson employee resource groups

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