What drives employer loyalty amongst talented women?

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Employer loyalty of talented women at Enterprise Rent-A-Car

But is there such a thing as the perfect employer? And, can companies really expect employee longevity in this day and age?
Global research reveals that only 13 per cent of employees are actually engaged in their work. A collegial and supportive work culture is key. Meaningful tasks and outcomes, having friends at work, and receiving fair salary and benefits are all important features for employee satisfaction.
When you've got the best, forget the rest. Finding the right job with the right employer, however, is a skill. It takes time, energy and maybe even a bit of trial and error.
Employee engagement is far more likely when people have found their true calling and all their skills, experience, interests and purpose are aligned in the most perfect of ways.

Donna Miller and Leigh Lafever-Ayer

Two impressive women, Donna Miller and Leigh Lafever-Ayer have worked for multi-national company Enterprise Rent-A-Car for almost 25 years. This is a considerable achievement when studies reveal that the median employment tenure of employees is often around 4.6 years.
Lead by an outstanding female CEO, Pam Nicholson, Enterprise is seeing an abundance of senior female role models and talented young women soaring through the ranks.
“I've been honoured to be guided towards my peak performance” says Donna who is Enterprise’s European HR Director. “Starting initially in our management training programme and then moving through various management positions, I was mentored and trained, and I was always encouraged and supported to develop remarkable skills and experience. In fact, not having to jump ship has meant I’ve been able to grow my visibility and credibility amongst colleagues year on year - and my energy has remained focused on accelerating my career, rather than diluting my attention with the stress of landing another job and re-establishing myself.” 
Driven by delighting customers, driving strategic growth and nurturing internal talent, both Donna and her colleague Leigh are fortunate to experience such rewarding careers. 
Leigh, with a vibrant school age daughter and creative musical husband, balances her role as HR Director (UKI) with a fast-paced family life. Leigh works hard to slot her passion for family and travel into her busy and super-charged career. 

Starting as a management trainee

Starting at Enterprise as a management trainee, Leigh figured out early on she could travel the world via her work and devote energy to moving up the corporate ladder within this friendly, family-owned company. 
Anticipating the company’s growth potential, Leigh has seen Enterprise grow from a small company in St. Louis to a multi-national operation with more than 78,000 employees across 7 corporately owned countries and now, numerous 40 countries where Enterprise is franchising their brand. Enterprise now owns and operates almost 1.4 million cars and trucks.
“I’m a busy mum who is equally driven by a challenging senior career so I'm so glad that my work and home life combine so well. Sometimes my job requires long hours and lots of travel, which I enjoy. But it also gives me flexibility to ensure I don't miss out on the things that are important to me outside of work”, explains Leigh.
Both Donna and Leigh have established long term friends at work and they value the skills and personalities of their colleagues.
Donna works with Enterprise’s senior management team and is regularly quoted in the media on industry issues. “Being part of a fast-growing innovative organisation is very exciting. I value that Enterprise is responsible to the communities and environments in which we operate. I enjoy commenting on industry topics from the view of such an incredible organisation and that of my long-term career. For me, my work and the company have so much purpose - we help move people to where they need to go - and we make it a great experience. I feel so rewarded that our company receives such high award-winning customer feedback” comments Donna.
Giving back and extending her skills and experience to areas she can be of assistance is important to Leigh, who sits on the Board of Governors for Guildford College of Further & Higher Education. Leigh is also on the Advisory Board for Global Diversity Practice, amongst various other socially-responsible focused responsibilities. 

I bring my whole self to work

“When I come to work, I bring my whole self. I love what I do. I thrive on continuous learning and development. I’m inspired by the challenges of the business. I'm equally engaged when I can contribute and focus my ability in areas that are of service to others.”
Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a company that thrives on customer service, and they treat their employees and suppliers like customers. Their award-winning training and development programmes are world-class and they leave no stone unturned when it comes to searching for graduates from every culture and walk of life. 
Enterprise Holdings, parent company of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, has a very impressive company mission. They aim to be the best transportation service provider in the world, and they’re very focused on exceeding customers' expectations for service, quality and value. The company actively aims to provide employees with a truly great place to work as they serve their communities as a responsible and committed corporate citizen. Honoured through a plethora of prestigious awards and responsible initiatives, the parent company and its subsidiaries are certainly travelling from strength to strength.

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