Cindy Pace is Assistant Vice-President for Global Diversity and Inclusion for MetLife and is featured in the Diversity Journal

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MetLife's Cindy Pace in Diversity Journal - Women Worth Watching

Profiles in Diversity Journal has published their insightful Diversity Journal - Summer 2018 - Women Worth Watching and featured in the Journal is Dr. Cindy Pace, MetLife's Assistant Vice-President for Global Diversity and Inclusion.   

Dr. Cindy Pace is recognized among the inspiring 2018 Women Worth Watching and provides important advice for women wanting to forge their careers in meaningful ways.

"The best piece of career advice that I can give to women about achieving career success on their own terms is to pursue purpose ....purpose is about what you can do for others - no matter how big or small the act," explains Cindy.

Important and inspiring words from Cindy

MetLife's focus on inclusion inside and outside of the company is impressive - and having a clear sense of purpose about one's self and about the company's objectives and values plays a great part. Read Cindy's article in full.

MetLife - Cindy Pace- Diversity

MetLife has a strong track record in supporting women's careers

MetLife is well recognized as one of the "Top Companies for Executive Women”. MetLife has a thriving Global Women’s Initiative and the company offers a wide range of programs for to support and develop women's careers. MetLife focuses continuously on developing leadership competencies, strengthening the pipeline of women and increasing their representation in broader leadership roles.

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