Nottingham Trent University wants leaders who can inspire and do

Nottingham Trent University wants leaders who can inspire and do

 September 20, 2018

Do you see possibilities in redefining the future? Nottingham Trent University wants to hear from women leaders who are ready for their next career step, women who can inspire and do. Women who see infinite possibilities to make a difference.

A university of the future

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is building the the university of the future. It's a university that sees the possibilities not only in the infrastructure and facilities of the university itself, but in the exceptional people who do their best work to unlock the possibilities of the world around them.

However, NTU understands that these people can't fulfil their ambitions without both the support and freedom to deliver world-changing and globally recognised research. And that's what makes NTU an exceptional university full of exceptional people: the free-thinking, supportive culture that attracts and encourages true pioneers. 

Meet NTU's pioneering women, Kat, Carole and Emily, who are leading the way in their field of research. NTU saw the possibilities and these women are inspiring a whole new generation of pioneers - and that could be you.  

Women at NTU see the bigger picture


Dr Kat Whitehouse-Tedd was a Senior Lecturer at the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences who sees the possibilities to protect the future of rural African farmers through the study of carnivores.

"My name is Katherine, but everyone calls me Kat because of my love for big cats. Just as my name has evolved, so has my intrigue in the complex relationships between these carnivores, livestock, the dogs that guard them, and the people that work in challenging African landscapes. Because, if we truly want to create a sustainable environment, we need to better accommodate the needs of every aspect of the system," comments Kat.

Kat and NTU have been the perfect match: they both see the bigger picture. For Kat, the bigger picture is about developing a wider understanding of the interconnected nature of everything, which creates better long-term solutions. For NTU, the bigger picture is how the relationship between research, teaching, students and the particular passions of academics all come together in realising the goals of the university. 

But at NTU, it's not just about the bigger picture but also about a keen focus on the highest quality research. This research doesn't just impact the university and its teaching, but also has a global reach in terms of both scientific contributions and world-changing outcomes.

NTU supports people every step of the way to create this vital research. "NTU has given me the possibility to evolve my career, expand my understanding and improve my research, with the constant support of my team and senior management," explains Kat. "People are really encouraging and collaborative, and I've been able to follow my passion and expand my knowledge by undertaking further studies in psychological research methods within the School of Social Sciences at NTU."

"NTU has broadened my horizons in so many ways. If I’d stayed in my previous role I wouldn’t have had the opportunities I have here. My enthusiasm for my subject has grown, and I’ve learnt that not everything I love has to have spots," she reinforces.

NTU sees new collaborations


Carole Perry is a Distinguished Professor at the School of Science and Technology who sees possibilities where the disciplines of chemistry, physics and bioscience intersect.

"These possibilities have led to an extension in the working life of antibiotics, allowed the development of new surfaces for tissue culture, and contributed towards the development of materials for dental and bone repair in both animals and people. I’ve always been interested in science where fundamental disciplines overlap; where one science informs the other; where knowledge is shared; where there's a magical mix of ideas, methodologies, techniques and unknown possibilities. I guess I'm just not your usual researcher," explains Carole.

NTU sees not only the power of people, but the power of people working together to generate new ideas. NTU ensures that their researchers have all the support and facilities they need to create their own possibilities through interdisciplinary collaboration. 

"When I first started here 25 years ago, I developed and encouraged interdisciplinary collaboration – to work with and learn from amazing people outside my own field. Today at NTU this is the norm. NTU encourages academics to do this – to work together around themes that drive collaboration and generate ideas in new and exciting ways," suggests Carole. "We’re not a place that shouts about things. We’re a place that gets on and does things."

NTU sees potential


Emily Burton is an Associate Professor in Sustainable Food Production at the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences who sees possibilities in animal feed to decrease the impact food production has on our natural resources.

"I saw possibilities to reduce the competition between feed and fuel. I saw possibilities in animal welfare, sustainability and human health," says Emily. "I love solving real-world problems and making a positive difference to the future of our planet. I love what I do and what I’ve been able to achieve here. Now I want to be able to give others the same possibilities and support I was given." 

NTU sees potential is every person and every idea. Particularly for women in the workplace, it's often hard to be heard. Not at NTU - they listen, and then they take away any obstacles to nurture these ideas. 

"At the time when I started, I was passionate about pioneering a new path. The management would say “please email us with ideas”, which gave me the support and confidence I needed when times were tough. NTU made it possible for me to become an expert in my field at a really early stage in my career," says Emily.

"As I moved from a teaching-focused role, they gave me the freedom to pursue my ideas. They saw potential in me and gave me some career helium through the support and mentoring that I needed. I’ve had an amazing experience. It was like I was being brought out of the shadows and into the light."

Join these exceptional women at Nottingham Trent University

NTU looks for exceptional women who not only imagine a better world but see the best way to make it happen.

If your vision is as bold as the women of NTU, then it's simple: tell NTU about the possibilities you see and the future you'd like to build, and they'll give you the ambition, resources and leadership to make it happen.

So what are you waiting for?

Apply for a job at NTU and become a pioneer in a place of infinite possibilities.

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