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Mizuho open to job sharing for work-life balance

 September 22, 2014

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Job sharers tend to have a strong work ethic and a desire to achieve in a partnership. They need to be strong communicators who agree and consistently follow the robust infrastructure they put in place. Being able to pick up where someone else leaves off is a valuable skill as is accountability, time management skills and a strong sense of loyalty. People who job share often cite "quality of life" or care responsibilities as key drivers for choosing to job share.

Of course, it is important to realise that job sharing may not last forever, one partner may move on, or perhaps the nature of role changes. Being able to provide alternative work patterns helps retention whilst providing employees with flexible solutions to achieve their work/life balance.

Anne Marie McNeela, MizuhoMizuho's Anne-Marie McNeela is an Associate in the Security Services Department at Mizuho who job-shares with her colleague, Jane Cole, in the Bond Equity SWAPS processing team.

An employee of Mizuho for over a decade, Anne-Marie feels fortunate to be continuing a career that combines both challenge and flexibility.

"With care responsibilities for my son, I wanted to move to a more flexible schedule. I was able to discuss with the bank my desire to return part-time and was given the opportunity to apply for a job share role that enables me to work two days per week" explains Anne-Marie. "Mizuho has been very supportive and I am grateful that I did not feel the pressure to return to work full-time as my only option. I am pleased the bank recognised that I am a reliable, hard-working and valued employee. I enjoy my routine and it easily enables me to fit my work around my life."

"Flexibility is a key factor, both in the days that we can work and also in the roles that we can perform" says Anne-Marie. "Both myself and my colleague Jane have worked at Mizuho for a long time and within different departments. We are both committed to making the job share work so we try to ensure that there is a smooth transition in our workflow."

Anne-Marie believes more women should have the confidence to discuss with their managers the alternative work patterns available to them.  

"Many jobs can be conducted on a job share basis. It requires careful planning but once processes and responsibilities are clearly in place, a job share arrangement can work very effectively. One's employer may be more open to the idea than women think. In certain circumstances, for example in times of sickness, an additional benefit is that it might be possible that cover can be provided by the job sharer", explains Anne-Marie.

Jane Cole, MizuhoMizuho co-worker Jane Cole enjoys the job share arrangement immensely as it allows her to manage and balance both her work and outside interests.

Jane is pleased she has secured such flexibility in her career.

"One of the features of job sharing is that you learn to do things do the role in a very efficient manner within the limited time available and have complete trust in your job share partner."

"Being fully organised and prepared is critical, and being able to seamlessly pass things over and communicate well is essential."

"You need to have a good working relationship and maintain faith in each other."

"I know so many friends in the City who tell me how lucky I am as they all want a job just like mine! ”


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