Universum's report shows that Amazon's strong brand as an ideal employer is very appealing to potential candidates

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Amazon celebrated as a Worlds Most Attractive Employer

Amazon celebrated as a World's Most Attractive Employer

 September 20, 2018

Amazon has been celebrated in Universum Global's 10th annual World's Most Attractive Employers report as one of the companies Engineering/IT students most want to work.

"Over the ten years Universum has produced this study, we see over and over that companies have the power to change their employer reputations among young people—though it requires a tremendous commitment to undertake. This year companies like Amazon [...] demonstrate that by focusing on the employer value proposition and getting the message out to university students, an organization can transform its ability to recruit top talent," says Petter Nylander, CEO, Universum.

Helping companies attract talented candidates

Universum, a global employer brand research firm, surveyed 228,910 business, engineering and IT students in the world’s 12 largest economies. The students were asked which employer characteristics are most influential in choosing future employers and which employer brands do they admire most. In order to be considered, a company must rank in the top 90% of employers within at least six of the 12 largest economies in the world. 

"Today’s businesses operate in a highly competitive employment landscape, and you can gain valuable insight into how your organization is perceived by tomorrow’s workforce," says Universum. The report's research into the motivations of candidates can also help organisations be better prepared to attract and retain talent.

Amazon maintains its high rankings

Amazon consistently maintains their attractive reputations as employers, and has held its place in the top 10 rankings of attractiveness to Engineering and IT students since the list was first compiled in 2009. Amazon is also one of the fastest risers across the business rankings, climbing from 26 to 13, the single-biggest gain of any global brand.

"The biggest winner in this year’s rankings is retail giant, Amazon," confirms the Universum report.  

Defining an ideal employer

The Universum report also shows students’ shifting ideas about what defines an ideal employer. One factor that makes an employer attractive to students is innovation and purpose-driven impact. Amazon, according to Universum, has a strong sense of purpose and has taken high profile steps forward in applying AI-driven innovation to reach its goals.

Other factors that define an ideal employer for students are a work life balance, such as flexible working hours; a creative, dynamic and friendly work environment; and high future earnings.

The importance of branding

Universum's report also focuses on branding tactics that are resonating with the upcoming workforce and provides information and comparisons to allow businesses to emulate tactics in their own employer brand strategy.

The report shows that when it comes to choosing a future employer, a strong employer brand is often the driving force for candidates in choosing a future employer.

"Honing your employer brand requires delicate research and planning. While it’s critical to have a consistent global message, companies must ensure the message makes sense in local markets. The most successful companies have two or three key employer brand pillars, but then also develop regional positioning that ties the big message to local needs. To get this done, your most powerful messaging comes from local employees. Let them speak about what it means to work for your company [...] what your brand’s values mean to them personally," says Jacinta Waak, Head of Research at Universum.

The Universum recent cites study about employer branding by Forbes research, which found that Amazon was particularly attractive due to its two brand pillars: a willingness to pivot and adapt in pursuit of success, as well as its care for customers.

Hiring curious people

Whilst the Universum report highlights what potential candidates find attractive in ideal employers, Amazon is also clear about what it is looking for in an ideal candidate.

"Amazon employees are inspired by the question 'what problem are we trying to solve for our customers?" says Miriam Park, Director of Amazon’s university recruiting. "To do this, Amazon
is committed to hiring people who are deeply curious.”

Join Amazon, one of the World's Most Attractive Employers

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