Prime employer Amazon provides a variety of parental leave schemes to suit different families

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Amazon parental leave policy works for new parents

Amazon parental leave policy works for new parents

 September 24, 2018

Innovation comes in different forms in a company. At Amazon, creativity is not only seen through its revolutionary products and services to customers, but also embedded in its policy making process. Some years ago, the company designed a parental leave program that is uniquely Amazonian, making sure that no matter where employees work, they are able to take advantage of parental leave.

Different schemes to suit the needs

Amazon offers generous paid leave for all parents, as well as four weeks of pre-partum leave for birth mothers. For employees whose spouses’ jobs don’t provide paid leave, they offer Leave Share – an innovative program that enables employees to share any amount of their parental leave with their partner. And they offer a way for new parents to ease back to work, through Ramp Back – eight weeks of optional, flexible, reduced work hours.

Employees love the flexibility and support that the new parental leave policy offers them. And the data reflects that more than 11,000 U.S. employees have used the new parental leave policy - nearly three-quarters of employees who’ve used leave benefits are hourly employees, and more than 60% of the employees who have used parental leave are fathers.

What the employees say about it

"I took the six-week leave option consecutive, so that it would be easier for me to be home with the wife in the first couple weeks and to help with the kids," shares safety specialist Joshua Crepps.

"Having the flexibility to slowly transition back into work it makes me feel like Amazon cares for their employees and Amazon wants to retain their employees through this big transition in their lives," says Chloe Lim, Program Manager for Recruitment Services.

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A wide range of opportunities at Amazon

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