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University of Sheffield's women fostering winning partnerships

 November 06, 2014

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The University of Sheffield's Professor Alma Hodzic and her team has won the Knowledge Transfer Partnership Best of the Best 2014 Awards, in the category Best Partnership for her project with Shaun Chatterton and Dr Andrew Gill from Floreon, a spin-out company based on the biodegradable biopolymer technology developed by the university and CPD Plc in Hull.
This year’s awards celebrated partnerships that have excelled in the areas of Engineering Excellence, Societal Impact and Business Impact, among others, with individual awards being given to Business Leaders of Tomorrow. The celebration concluded with the much-coveted Best Partnership Award.
Floreon is an innovative, environmentally friendly, high performing bioplastic developed from sustainable materials.
Speaking about the project Alma says “The award is a fantastic recognition of the successful research partnership between the University of Sheffield and Floreon Transforming Packaging Ltd.
The final product, Floreon, has been developed after four years of research and two KTP’s that have both been graded by independent Technology Strategy Board reviewers as ‘Outstanding’. This experience has shown us that KTP scheme can effectively accelerate academic know-how into the world of innovative applications, and in this case with significant benefits to the Shaun Chatterton, CEO of Floreon stated “This KTP is a perfect example of the successful partnerships between industry and academia; the technology created by researchers at The University of Sheffield and the independent partner Floreon driving forward the commercialisation of the product. We are positive about the possibility of developing a global brand having already invested over £1 million into this exciting innovation.
Floreon’s Technical Director, Dr Andrew Gill, who started working on the project as a PhD student and KTP Associate at The University of Sheffield, but his work on the KTP with Floreon has developed into a thriving career. He states “Alongside The University of Sheffield, Floreon has developed a novel, commercial product and built a company around it.” 
All the nominees are engaged in fields ranging from pharmaceuticals and healthcare through to high-value manufacturing and environmental technologies. The projects offer a compelling demonstration of the breadth and depth of KTP’s that combine innovation and the application of new knowledge that allows UK business to compete in an increasingly competitive global market. 
There are many impressive women at the University of Sheffield. Check out the university's Wall of Women who are talented engineers inspiring the next generation.


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