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AECOM is a leader in supporting diversity in the workplace

AECOM is a leader in supporting diversity in the workplace

 October 11, 2018

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Learning from peers is an important skill, even for the most successful of business leaders. Business Roundtable supports chief executive officers (CEOs) of America's leading companies, including AECOM. CEOs gather on a regular basis to discuss how they can help promote the US economy by creating quality jobs with good wages. Through research and advocacy, Business Roundtable members put forward policies to help improve US competitiveness and strengthen the economy.

Promoting diversity

One of the key challenges Business Roundtable tackles is how to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Business Roundtable members share a goal of being responsible for of making the world a better place than they found it. As a member of Business Roundtable, AECOM takes this issue very seriously. AECOM's chairman and chief executive officer, Michael S Burke is a member of the Business Roundtable Board of Directors. He strongly believes diversity is a key to a successful business, saying "Surrounding yourself with people who are just like you is the quickest way to inhibit creativity. You wind up breathing your own exhaust. At AECOM, in pursuing a culture of inclusion and diversity, we are fostering a place where the best and brightest can breathe deep and thrive."

Diversity in practice

Discussing diversity is very different to implementing it and AECOM has put into practice a roadmap to ensure success when it comes to diversity and inclusion. AECOM wants to create a workplace in which women engineers, planners and other professionals choose their company to share their talents, and AECOM works hard to recruit and retain women into the business. Historically the engineering industry has done little to encourage women into the industry, and even less to promote them into leadership positions. That's why back in 2015, AECOM set a goal of doubling the number of women in leadership by 2020 and has managed to increase the number of women in leadership roles by 30% over the past few years. AECOM also plays a leading role in International Women's Day and has managed to attract a high level of employee participation with more than 275 activities spanning 250 sites across the globe. 

Inspiring others to follow suit

As part of Business Roundtable, AECOM has also been instrumental in trying to encourage other big businesses to use its example and adopt a similar attitude to diversity. In September, Business Roundtable released a comprehensive report entitled Advancing Diversity and Inclusion detailing how America's largest employers are making this issue a top priority. Over 120 CEO's of top US companies shared their stories and examples of successful business practices where they have actively created job and growth opportunities for people of all backgrounds. It is hoped that these stories will inspire others to take action on this key human resources issue. 

The dream role for you

For your chance to join this forward thinking company that puts diversity and inclusion at the heart of its recruitment process, take a look at some of  AECOM's current job opportunities on offer. Roles include architects, engineers, designers, planners, scientists, management professionals and more.

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