Schneider Electric recruiters value potential not just experience

 October 29, 2018

Hear how Schneider Electric Talent Acquisition Teams believe in empowering people to take ownership of their career and find opportunities to develop.

Being prepared to take a chance on people

The teams at Schneider Electric know that finding great talent means being comfortable with taking a chance on people and providing real opportunities to grow. They believe that bringing different experience into the team allows them to approach their challenges in exciting new ways.

Schneider Electric looks to see how far people could go - not just where they've been. And when they do find people who are the right fit, they make sure they support and retain them within the organization.

This mindset enables Schneider Electric recruiters to broaden their search to find the best people, rather than recruit like for like with existing talent.

Putting potential first before experience

Schneider Electric's culture of learning and continuous improvement sets a precedent across the whole of the company.

The recruitment teams at Schneider Electric are inclusive and flexible, with a shared vision and passion.

So that's how they see the future of hiring at Schneider Electric - putting potential first before experience. They are focusing on flexible, ambitious, diverse hiring to create the very best teams they can.

Apply for a role with Schneider Electric and be measured by your potential

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