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Caterpillars Yuka Saito achieves her work life balance

Caterpillar's Yuka Saito achieves her work life balance

 October 29, 2018

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Top employer, Caterpillar, understands that there is much more to work than just work itself.

According to Caterpillar employee, Yuka Saito, “work life balance” doesn't always have to mean balancing your life and your work in an even fifty-fifty split. Instead, she says she believes you achieve work life balance when you have a clear separation of work and private time.

“Although my day to day can be tough, and I go through periods of my work life that require more time and effort, I achieve balance because I understand that those periods are limited.”

Saito says that at Caterpillar she feels encouraged to balance the “life” part and take planned holidays when needed.

With a husband based outside of Japan, she says it is helpful that she can take long holidays several times a year after finishing her work and see him.

“During my holidays, I am completely released from my work and I can concentrate on enjoying time with my husband and just relax.”

Balancing her work and life allows Saito to go back to work with a refreshed feeling and stay on top of her role as a Business Analyst at Caterpillar Japan.

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