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84.51° seeks diverse, driven and authentic female talent

84.51° seeks diverse, driven and authentic female talent

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Women at 84.51° use data to create connections with customers - and experienced professionals from across a range of areas are always needed. You can see the type of jobs they recruit for. 

Into data and analytics? 84.51° could be for you

84.51° gathers and analyzes data from over 60 million U.S. households using a sophisticated suite of tools and technology to create meaningful insights that drive truly personal connections with customers.

With unparalleled customer data and predictive analytics capabilities, 84.51° delivers personalized marketing strategies and makes sure the best experience for customers of Kroger and more than 300 consumer-packaged-goods companies.

84.51° puts the customer at the center of everything it does, resulting in a more dynamic, informed and personal approach to driving customer loyalty.

An inclusive, diverse and gender-balanced culture

Diversity and inclusion aren't just check boxes 84.51°. They're woven into the fabric of who they are and where they're headed. 84.51° thrives on diversity and strives to build an inclusive, gender-balanced world.

84.51° is actively creating a culture where all feel heard, respected, valued, and have the freedom to contribute freely as part of its overall mission to become a destination for diverse, driven and authentic minds.

84.51°'s great internal company initiatives include the Women In Tech subcommittee that works to help close the gender gap in data science and Power Squad that provides leadership development.

8451 women in tech

Meet talented women at 84.51°

Women at 84.51° work for different teams and in different disciplines, but all with the same goal in mind - to create a better experience for customers.

These women are also talented, ambitious and successful - and have even won awards for their work, like Cara Pratt, Jillian Payne and Catie Doebler.

But what is life like at 84.51°?

Hear from three women, Analysts Alexandra and Meehee and Consultant Andrea, about their careers at 84.51°.

Where would you work?

With 84.51° you can work alongside innovative and supportive teams in one of four locations: Cincinnati, Chicago, New York or Portland. Each of these location foster inspiring and creative environments so you can be your best and most authentic self at work.

Want to know more? Get a 360° feel for what it's like working at 84.51°'s Cincinnati headquarters.

Cincinnatti 8451

Join women at 84.51°

There are so many exciting career opportunities available at 84.51° for ambitious women. Here are just some of the sorts of exciting jobs that 84.51° regularly recruits for.

Consulting jobs:

  • Director Stores
  • Precision Marketing - In-Store Advertising Senior Consultant 
  • Precision Marketing - Senior Product Consultant On-Site Advertising 
  • Lead Consultant, Merchandising 
  • Partnership Development Lead Consultant 
  • Senior Consultant, Customer Foundations - Strategic Customer Intelligence
  • Senior Consultant, Supplier Communications 
  • Vice President of Enterprise Price & Promotion

Corporate jobs:

  • Lead Business Intelligence Business Analyst 
  • Director, Data Science and Analytics
  • Lead Data Scientist, Insights 
  • Lead Data Scientist, Machine Learning 
  • Lead Data Scientist, Technical Analysis 

8451 jobs and careers

Engineering jobs:

  • Big Data Engineer 
  • Lead Software Engineer 
  • Quality Automation Lead 
  • Senior Data Engineer 
  • Senior QA Engineer 

Infrastructure jobs:

  • Agile Change and Release Manager 
  • Architect, Enterprise Security 
  • Campaign Solutions Engineer 
  • Lead Linux Storage Engineer 
  • Product Management
  • Lead Business Analyst 
  • Lead Data Consultant 
  • Lead Product Owner 
  • Lead Scrum Master 
  • Lead UX Designer 
  • Senior Agile Delivery Manager 
  • Senior UX Designer

Which role suits you best?

Create and innovate in a career with 84.51°

Women at 84.51° enjoy excellent work, tremendous support, brilliant benefits and a vibrant and inclusive work culture with this progressive employer. 

Search and apply for an exciting career with 84.51° today.


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