Michelle says she has the best job at Nottingham Trent University

Michelle says she has the best job at Nottingham Trent University

 November 26, 2018

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Dr Michelle Pepin is a Directorate Policy Manager at Nottingham Trent University. From lecturing and PhD supervision to international secondments, Nottingham Trent University has given Michelle the variety and opportunities to thrive.

"I genuinely believe I’ve got the best job at the University," says Michelle.

No two days are the same

Michelle says that at Nottingham Trent University there's variety and there’s challenge - no two days are the same. "Today, I’ve got this fantastic view of the University and the whole HE sector: a view that’s bigger and far wider than the one I started out with, when I first arrived," says Michelle. "And best of all, I’m near an airport, which means I’m also near skiing. I’m from South Africa, and that’s pretty much the main reason I left in the first place!"

Meeting her five-year targets

Michelle explains that she sets herself five-year targets. Back in South Africa, Michelle decided that by the time she was 40, she wanted to be living in another country. "And I do mean living; not just holidaying. A job, a house, a car – a proper life. I then decided that by the time I was 45, I had to have my PhD. It was non-negotiable. Thanks to NTU, I managed them both," adds Michelle.

Linking past and present

Michelle finds that Nottingham Trent University is really good at giving their employees the responsibility to what they want to do, as long as they have the acumen to get it done. Michelle's job at Nottingham Trent University draws on all the friendships and connections she has made since she first started. Her job also uses the same skills and qualities she fostered as a student at Nottingham Trent University, such as critical thinking, open-mindedness, and staying calm under pressure.

"I can draw a direct line from my PhD in 2004 to my current job, and that’s a fantastic feeling," says Michelle.

A variety of different roles

Nottingham Trent University has given Michelle the chance to take on a variety of different roles that include lecturing, international travel to India and Malaysia, and supervision of PhD students. According to Michelle, at Nottingham Trent University there is a tremendous, institutional sense of excitement and support.

"I’m not just here to pay my mortgage. I’m a naturally competitive person, and I want to see the University succeed," adds Michelle. "They trust me here – they value me, and let me get on with my work, whatever it is I’ve been doing. But they’re always available when I need them. That sense of balance is just perfect."

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