Rio Tinto's Chief Executive pledges to embrace difference and to continue creating inclusive environments for employees

Rio Tinto pledges to promote diversity and inclusion

Rio Tinto pledges to promote diversity and inclusion

Rio Tinto embraces difference by creating an environment where all employees can be their best self. That's why Rio Tinto has pledged to support the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT)'s diversity and inclusion commitment.

"Respect is at the core of inclusion and diversity - respecting each other's differences, embracing the strengths of each individual and creating the environment and opportunities for everyone to be their best," said Rio Tinto's Chief Executive Jean-Sebastien Jacques

Rio Tinto embraces difference

European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) is an organisation that drives for inclusive growth and sustainable prosperity in Europe whose members are Chief Executives and Chairmen of major multinational companies in Europe - including the participation of Rio Tinto's Chief Executive.

The ERT launched a pledge campaign called 'Embrace Difference' that has seen Rio Tinto's Jean-Sebastien join around 50 leading business people from a wide range of industrial and technological sectors in reinforcing their commitment to inclusion.

A pledge to embrace diversity

Through their pledge, Rio Tinto promises to:

  • promote an open and inclusive culture where everyone's opinions are heard and valued
  • encourage inclusive and diverse leadership as a business strategy
  • establish diversity goals and ambitions within Rio Tinto
  • make sure that Rio Tinto's leaders are responsible for reaching these goals with strategies and initiatives
  • ensure equal opportunities across Rio Tinto, such as removing bias in recruitment and retaining talent through career planning
  • promote diversity through corporate social responsibility, such as supporting the development of STEM subjects in education

Be part of a company that is committed to diversity

As a global leader in the mining and metals sector with around 55,000 people operating across six continents in more than 40 countries, Rio Tinto has lots of exciting career pathways and opportunities available.

Sign up to their Talent Network today to work with talented women within a company that consistently encourages and embraces diversity.


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