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F5 Tel Aviv women support National Cyber Education Center

F5 Tel Aviv women support National Cyber Education Center

 December 03, 2018

F5's Tel Aviv office hosted women from numerous tech companies and F5ers who volunteered to lead workshops with the National Cyber Education Center. The group's goal is to promote technology among women with an aim to achieve gender equality in the industry. This is just one of the reasons why F5's Tel Aviv team is a great example of a fantastic work culture.

Check out the vibe and culture of the Tel Aviv team and see if you'd like to join 

In Tel Aviv, the F5 office is bright and sunny, just like Tel Aviv itself. Work thirty floors up and experience a breath-taking 30th-floor view of the city. The office itself mirrors the urban streets below, with concrete pillars, graffiti-covered walls, and street lamp-style fixtures, F5 has created a fun and informal atmosphere of hanging out downtown rather than working in a high-tech collaboration room.

A close-knit team

While most of the Tel Aviv office are engineers, there are also sales, global service, and administrative staff. The team collaborate both professionally and socially: they like to have fun as a group and gather regularly for happy hours, Tech Talks, holiday celebrations, and family events. And collaboration is important to F5 - F5 competitors are tough, smart, and fast, so F5 needs its teams to be united in a common goal. Although F5 teams are ambitious, they are not in competition, and every team celebrates successes and are inspired by one another.

A strong set of values

As well as a fun, informal, collaborative company culture, F5's Tel Aviv's team also embodies the company's overall values. With strong leadership, passionate team members, and a culture that encourages innovation, F5 offers growth at every stage of your career. 

F5's guiding principles are:

  • Take initiative to make the company better
  • Make thoughtful decisions quickly, intensely and simply
  • Create a diverse and inclusive company that embraces differences to drive smarter decisions, increase innovation, and strengthen performance
  • Focus on customer needs
  • Help each other thrive by investing in growth and valuing contributions

Sounds like the perfect work culture for you?

Check out job vacancies at F5 in Tel Aviv and beyond.

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