Nottingham Trent University truly recognises and rewards hard work

Nottingham Trent University truly recognises and rewards hard work

 December 13, 2018

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Usha Ramanathan is a Professor of Sustainability and Supply Chains at Nottingham Trent University's Business School. She feels like she is truly recognised and rewarded for the knowledge she has.

Seeing a difference at Nottingham Trent University

Before coming to Nottingham Trent University, Usha worked in academia for nearly 20 years in UK universities and abroad. She always believed she was not getting enough recognition for her hard work and effort.

She immediately saw the difference when she started at Nottingham Trent University.

"I became a Professor very quickly. Quicker, I think, than would have happened almost anywhere else," explains Usha. "In my first two years they saw both my potential and how I could help the university grow and enhance its reputation. The development cycle was very swift for me. And now my research has been accredited internationally."

Given the freedom to pursue her interests

Usha's research focuses on sustainable supply chains and service operations where mathematics and management intersect. Usha knows that mathematics alone won’t spark any social change. However, she been able to use the interdisciplinary nature of her work to help quantify waste reduction.

"Freedom is my key," adds Usha. "It gave me the opportunity to pursue research that can help solve some of the biggest societal and business issues facing the world today. I feel like I’m truly recognised and rewarded, both for my knowledge and my potential."

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