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Get yourself a brilliant job at Arcadis like these great women

 December 18, 2018

As a global company that fosters a diverse workforce, Arcadis helps women thrive in their careers through work on challenging and valuable projects around the world. Here are some of those women making a difference in their careers while doing work they love. 

LeeAnn Tomas-Foster, City Executive 

LeeAnn Tomas-Foster is Arcadis's city executive for Chicago. LeeAnn leads the Chicago Big Urban Client Program, overseeing its city operations with its existing client base, while enhancing it through various go-to-market strategies and pursuing new client business development opportunities. LeeAnn brings a long history of industry leadership to the role at Arcadis. For more than 25 years, LeeAnn has had experience in environmental program management, due diligence and compliance in the public and private sector.

“LeeAnn is a tested and proven leader who has deep rooted knowledge of the Chicago business environment resulting from more than 20 years working in the market,” says Peter Glus, Senior Vice President, Arcadis. “With our customers facing major industry and technology transitions, LeeAnn will improve the client experience in our Chicago market and accelerate development of growth opportunities. She is singularly committed to fueling our customers’ profitability while helping them navigate the disruptive opportunities and challenges to help them be successful.”

“Arcadis is embarking on a very unique chapter both for the company and the industry it serves,” adds LeeAnn. “I am genuinely honored to oversee the company’s Chicago operations, and support an outstanding local team in serving an unrivaled customer base. The make-up of our team here in Chicago uniquely positions Arcadis for high touch-points with customers, enabling us to rapidly address their transformation needs and improve speed to market for the Arcadis’ industry-leading capabilities and ground-breaking technologies.”

Geetha Kiranmayee Sathi, Electrical Engineer

Geetha has always been fascinated by science and technology which motivated her to become an Engineer. She joined Arcadis as a Graduate Electrical Engineer in January 2015, after gaining a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Systems from the University of Leeds.

"Arcadis provided me with a fantastic opportunity to gain some essential training and within two years I was promoted to Assistant Electrical Engineer in the Rail team. It’s my job to design electrical engineering systems for new and existing buildings - such as electrical distribution systems, lighting systems, alarm systems, lightning protection, earthing and bonding, and containment systems design, all in compliance with national and international standards," says Geetha.

"This sees me designing unique, innovative and sustainable systems using computer-aided design software, as well as developing Building Information Modelling (BIM) to ensure all the systems in a complex structure are coordinated."

An exciting career with Arcadis

Geetha advises clients and architects on energy use and conservation across a range of buildings and sites, helping to minimise environmental impacts and carbon footprint. She has to make sure that the design of the building meets regulations and health and safety requirements, without compromising the client needs. She often visits project sites, which gives her an appreciation of the existing installations, and provides the information she needs to prepare drawings, reports, specifications and technical notes. Geetha also organises various Continuous Professional Development (CPD) seminars to keep herself and the engineering community at Arcadis up-to-date with the latest technologies and product developments. She also gives technical and non-technical mentoring to junior engineers to help them achieve their goals.

Engineering a sustainable future

"Working for Arcadis has given me an opportunity to be involved in so many high-profile rail projects, such as Paddington Bakerloo Line Link, Jeddah Metro Stations, Barking Riverside Extension Station, Neasden Depot and many more. These have all broadened my experience and helped me develop my technical and managerial skills," says Geetha.

"Throughout all of this, I’ve concentrated on developing and implementing low energy and zero carbon technologies to lessen climate change. When designing any electrical services and choosing the equipment for buildings, I always make sure they meet the standard requirements of a low carbon footprint. When I was working on Barking Riverside Station, for example, I proposed a photo-voltaic system to serve the station and export excess power out to the grid. It meant the client could gain credit on carbon and energy efficiency plans. The feedback was really positive, and the solution will deliver a long-term environmental legacy."

Passion for Engineering

Geetha's passion has always been to play an instrumental role in the construction and engineering field. She has now been working in this industry for just over three years and Geetha explains that overcoming different challenges every day keeps her inspired and motivated.

Currently, Geetha is working towards her Chartership through the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET). She is also planning to apply for a PhD on new sustainable technologies in the construction industry and their impact on climate change.

"I would say being an Engineer isn’t just about learning the principles of engineering and applying them in your job, it’s about contributing to the development of society," adds Geetha. "Before you take your first steps in any engineering field, just think for a moment about what you want to achieve in your life, and how you can contribute to society to create a sustainable world where future generations can live in harmony."

Leonila Reyes, Associate Director, Cost and Commercial Management

Leonila explains her passion when it comes to her career and how she has built great friendships within the workplace.

"Being in the company for 20+ years is proof that I really enjoy working in Arcadis. Apart from the blessings of works that been entrusted to me, this is where I also found and still finding true friends inside the organization which I consider as real treasures." 

Rochelle Geronimo-Soriano, Principal Mechanical Engineer

Rochelle recently became a chartered member of Engineers Australia and a Registered Professional Engineer in Queensland since her transfer to the Australia MEP Team. Rochelle explains the reasons why she enjoys working at Arcadis.

"I enjoy working in Arcadis because Arcadis values and invests in its people, which is evidenced in its support of in my own professional development. Arcadis fosters healthy and safe working environment and I get to work with excellent and professional people and work on exciting and challenging projects," says Rochelle.

Elmira Nazar, Environmental Scientist 

Elmira joined the Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) in Cairns, Australia through the Shelter Program, a partnership between Arcadis and UN-Habitat (United Nations Human Settlements Programme) that aims to improve living conditions in cities around the world. The UTC focused on Urban Livability in Tropical Australia through Urban Diaries and Community Engagement. 

"The Urban Thinkers Campus in Cairns allowed me to collaborate with like-minded people and determine solutions for problems that arise all over the world in regards to urbanisation," says Elmira. "I hope to become more involved with the Shelter Programme and expand my opco's chapter."

Laetitia Mathieu, Deputy Client Development Director

Working collaboratively in a large global consultancy like Arcadis can pose it's own unique challenges. Laetitia shares her thoughts on how to work efficiently together.

"Seek to understand before you seek to be understood," explain Laetitia. "These are my personal beliefs to work efficiently together at Arcadis."

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