Engineers in Amazon Fulfillment are creative thinkers eager to roll up their sleeves and problem solve, working with the latest and greatest technologies

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Meet some of Amazon's fabulous women in IT - and join them

 December 19, 2018

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Amazon focuses on improving the inside experience as well

Engineers of Amazon Fulfillment are pretty creative thinkers. They are eager to roll up their sleeves and solve problems.

They often get to to work with the latest, greatest technologies and they are expected to keep developing their skills and knowledge - and to invent new ways to improve current processes.

Amazon engineers don’t tend to waste much time stewing over making decisions because Amazon's culture is very fast-paced and fast-moving.

In fact. engineers at Amazon get a lot of work done in a short amount of time.

Amazon's innovative Engineering departments design, implement, and maintain the company's fulfillment centers. This encompasses several different areas – process engineering, capacity/demand planning, material handling equipment design and implementation, fulfillment center project management, construction management, and packaging engineering. In turn, there's lots of great opportunities for professional growth.

Women at Amazon Operations IT thrive in a diverse workforce 

How do women at Amazon Operations IT describe themselves? 

Earnest, direct, funny, optimistic, respectful, perfectionist, creative, and passionate. These impressive women share what it's like to work at Amazon and the opportunities they have to thrive thanks to a diverse workforce and an inclusive company. 

"I think women should consider a career in information technology because it's constantly evolving. There's never something that just stays the same. It's a very challenging environment and we bring a lot of diverse thought to technology," says Cathyrn Lobes, Senior Supply Chain Manager at Amazon.

Diversity is a strength

Working at Amazon Operations IT involves making sure the technology in Amazon's fulfillment centers is up and operational so Amazon customers get their packages when Amazon promises it will.

However, it's the people that push things forward - it's thanks to their diverse thought that Amazon are able to move things in a progressive and meaningful way. For women at Operations IT, diversity is one of Amazon's greatest strengths. 

"What's better to work in a company that encourages women in IT and is aware that diversity is a point of strength in a team," says Doris Bao, IT support engineer at Amazon.

Understanding Amazon customers

Amazon understands that diversity is the key to success in an organisation because it better reflects their customer profile. "Our customers are diverse," says Natalia Garcia Aranega, IT Manager. "In my opinion, the more we look like our customers, the best we will be attending them."

Ample opportunity for success

Working at Amazon Operations IT presents plenty of jobs opportunities: you can be project manager, you can have a more technical role and most importantly you can have a global impact really fast at almost any level.

"Being a woman and being in tech, there is ample opportunity to make your mark so you can come in as a leader and you can see things that you want to change or that you're passionate about impacting positively and really have an opportunity to do that," says Lori Grubish, Senior Supply Chain Manager. "So you can come in as a leader and you can see things that you want to change or that you are passionate about impacting positively and really have an opportunity to do that."

The importance of a diverse team

For women working at Amazon Operations IT, teamwork is vital. These women understand that you cannot do everything alone and that it's important to have a good team and a network of colleagues to work with. But it's also important that this team is diverse to ensure the best possible results.

"I diversity is important in a corporation too because it gives it a day one mentality. If everybody thought the same way then nothing would actually ever progress on a daily basis," explains Cathryn.

"The reason why I like to work in the Amazon they don't treat us differently. They treat us as ourselves," adds Yuko Kimura, IT Deployment Project Manager. "IT is for everyone so everyone should have come in and enjoy the IT."

Meet Cherokee

Cherokee is an IT Support Engineer working in Austin, Texas. Cherokee chooses to stay at Amazon because she loves her job, above all supporting Amazon Lockers. Cherokee must be able to multi-task and have a good attention to detail, which are among her strengths. When something doesn’t work, it’s a puzzle that she can figure out.

"My role is very much like my role was in the military, supporting hardware and troubleshooting faults," she says. "I feel like I am in my element."

A great work-life balance

What she loves most about her job at Amazon is the work environment that fosters a fabulous work-life balance. Her team is truly committed to working together and are quick to help each other if, and when, it is needed. 

What makes Cherokee different? "I know a little about everything and a lot about nothing!" she says. "I have a varied background between electronic repair in the military, two college degrees in Network Systems Administration and Software development, worked for a cable installation company and have even bartended and driven heavy equipment! I like doing different things, which makes my role perfect for me."

When she's not working for Amazon, Cherokee spends time with her son and husband, reads a lot of books, or watches a lot of movies and television. On weekends, her family goes out and explores, often visiting area zoos or discovering new places to take her son.

Meet Valentina

Valentina is a Startup Project Manager working in Austin, Texas. Valentina says that her time at Amazon is fun and challenging.

"Every day is different and each building has its own particular challenges that require creativity, drive and team work to overcome," she says. "Having new challenges to work on every day makes it exciting."

Valentina helps make buildings come to life. "When I first get to a site there’s nothing but open floor and walls (and sometimes not even that). It’s amazing how in such a short time we turn empty space into the newest sort center or delivery station," explains Valentina. "This is only possible thanks to the groups that collaborate to make it happen. I enjoy working with these people from different branches of the company and seeing what can be accomplished as a result of team work."

Valentina loves living in Austin. "It has good weather year round to enjoy outdoor activities – hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding. My latest pastime is bouldering, rock climbing but without the ropes!" Valentina even bought a pair of composite-toe cowboy boots to wear to her under-construction sites.

Meet Tiff

Tiff is a Senior Innovation & Design Engineer working in Seattle, Washington. Tiff joined Amazon as a military spouse, a few months before her husband completed his time in the service.  Amazon Military asked Tiff to share advice with other military spouses about her journey, where she shares her success story and advice to other military spouses.

“When I arrived in Seattle, I quickly connected with my new coworkers, some of whom are also former military or military spouses. I was relatively established by the time my husband began his terminal leave and joined me in Seattle, so that helped us transition too," says Tiff.

Working with passionate people

Tiff has worked for a year at Amazon designing material handling systems for Amazon Air buildings. Tiff loves the learning curve at Amazon and really appreciates the energy and intelligence of all her colleagues.

"Working with such passionate, driven people is a pleasure! I am just starting to understand the diversity of opportunity here too, and I am so excited for the path ahead. I am an industrial engineer, a transitioning military spouse, and a proud Amazonian," adds Tiff.

Life as a military spouse

Tiff met her husband over ten years ago while he was finishing his undergraduate degree in Arizona. He had already signed up for the Navy’s Bachelor Degree Completion Program, an eight-year active duty commitment. Ten months after they started dating, he left for Officer Candidate School in Rhode Island and then began two years of flight school in Florida and a three-year sea tour based out of Whidbey Island, WA, where he traveled around over the world as an EP-3E Naval Flight Officer.

During those years, Tiff stayed in Arizona, working to progress her career as an engineer and operations manager with a defense contractor. When Tiff's husband completed his sea tour, he made shore tour locations where Tiff was most likely to find the right job a priority. In early 2014, Tiff finished her job in Arizona, and both her and her husband moved Maryland to get married. 

Tiff's husband was stationed at the Office of Naval Intelligence, and Tiff looked for a role and familiarised herself with some of the resources on offer for military spouses, including Fleet and Family services on base. Through their help and her professional network, within a few months Tiff began a job as a principle industrial engineering role in Baltimore but she knew it would be short term.

"The move to Maryland was not the strongest in career progression for either of us, but it supported our life together. All said, in my experience, the most difficult part of balancing a career as a military spouse is working on the balance of joint prioritization as a family," adds Tiff.

A new career with Amazon

When Tiff's husband was in the last six months of his Navy commitment, he made the decision not to extend his contract. Tiff began researching roles in their planned area of the Pacific Northwest. Through LinkedIn, a recruiter contacted her with an exciting job role as an Innovation & Design Engineer with Amazon.

"I had the chance to interview onsite in Seattle, and I specifically remember coming into the Arizona building on a Friday morning, where the lobby had a coffee shop with a disco ball blaring 90’s music. I loved the energy! Only a few days later I had an offer in hand, and I was excited to accept and begin our new adventure," says Tiff.

An amazing change

For both Tiff and her husband, Amazon has been a great change. Tiff's first few weeks went quickly, from orientation in Phoenix to a week in a fulfillment center in California where she started to appreciate the size and scale of operations while meeting great, energetic people. When she arrived in Seattle, she quickly became friends with her new coworkers, some of whom are also former military or military spouses.

"I was relatively established by the time my husband began his terminal leave and joined me in Seattle, so that helped us transition too. He since has started in his post-military career in an electrician apprenticeship, and we are creating our life in Seattle. We even spent our first Christmas here with a prior Air Force officer and his wife, now good friends of ours," comments Tiff.

Working as a military spouse at Amazon

"As all veterans and spouses know, military life requires a level of adaptability. This has served me well at Amazon, as the pace requires quick adaptation to changing priorities, organizational growth, and customer demand," says Tiff. "Also, being a military spouse often requires that you spend time building and maintaining relationships, which also serves in any field – especially engineering, where the engineer jokes can ring quite true!" 

Finally, Tiff shares some valuable advice for military spouses looking to build and maintain their career.

"I recommend leveraging your network and using the services available on base, online, or within your network. Both Fleet and Family services and companies like Amazon are looking to be a resource to military families, and they understand the challenges of military life. You are not in it alone – there are others that have been in your shoes and are here to help!"

Join impressive women like Cherokee, Valentina and Tiff at Amazon

At Amazon, everyone is empowered to share new ideas and to contribute their own unique special talents and abilities to the company. Search and apply for an amazing career with Amazon today.

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