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Arcadis and AECOM lead in Environmental, Health and Safety

Arcadis and AECOM lead in Environmental, Health and Safety

 January 17, 2019

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Independent research firm Verdantix has announced that Arcadis and AECOM are two of  four consulting firms leading the way in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), particularly in their use of technology to improve the efficiency of projects and client-facing activities.

Leaders in technology and digitization

Verdantix used its own assessment method to decide, out of nine firms which, ones where best able to use digital technology to improve how they carried out projects and to use environmental, health and safety technology for their clients. 

Verdantix evaluated 18 aspects of Arcadis and AECOM, such as how the companies have expanded internally using technology and externally in terms of what they offer their clients digitally.

Arcadis and AECOM were also compared against 113 performance criteria that included using technology for projects related to hazardous waste, impact assessments and site remediation and the use of specific technology such as EHS analytics, digital health and safety training, wearables and EHS software. 

Using innovative methods

According to Verdantix, AECOM and Arcadis have been particularly successful in hiring Chief Digital Officers, expanding digital leadership and generally incorporating technology into EHS project delivery. Companies like AECOM and Arcadis are also putting money into innovative methods for advanced analytics, 3D digital twin technologies, and VR for safety training.

“We found that the market for digital EHS consulting is starting to gain momentum, but the existing players are not fully taking advantage of the potential impact of digitization,” says Isabel Velasco, Verdantix Industry Analyst. “Individual consulting firms are focused on either internalising their digital efforts to become more efficient or providing client-facing technology implementation services. Service firms would be well advised to enhance their efforts in both areas to achieve bottom-line growth and top-line revenue opportunities.”

“EHS consultants should take advantage of our research results and the developing interest in digital EHS services to chart their advancement and prioritize growth plans to become sector leaders,” added Isabel ​​​​​.

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