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Arcadis Hong Kong named one of the most inspiring workplaces

Arcadis Hong Kong named one of the most inspiring workplaces

 February 07, 2019

Every company knows that a good workplace is vital for happy and healthy employees - and none more so than Arcadis. Not only is Arcadis one of the best places to work, but it has one of the best workplaces. Human Resources magazine has recognized Arcadis Hong Kong’s office as one of the most inspiring workspaces of 2018 with the focus on sustainability, wellbeing and collaboration being areas of inspiration.

A new move

Arcadis Hong Kong has moved to a new office space in Two Harbour Square, Kwun Tong. For the first time, Arcadis Hong Kong’s lines of quantity surveying, project management and business advisory, and design and engineering will all be in the same place. The workplace is 78,000 square foot over three floors, connected by staircases.

Collaboration and creativity

Arcadis Hong Kong understands that a good workplace can foster creativity and collaboration. When employees are free to be creative and are given the workplace layout to bounce those creative ideas off one another, they can produce their best work.  

Arcadis facilitates this creativity and collaboration through two large neighbourhood squares on each floor that have intimate spaces for face-to-face interaction. The aim of these grouped spaces is for people to share thoughts and ideas and work as a collaborative and effective team. What a fabulous space!

Flexibility and adaptability

Arcadis Hong Kong also understands the importance of a flexible and vibrant workplace where ideas can come alive, rather than stagnate. In Arcadis's office, every employee can choose the style of workplace that is best suited to them, their task for the day, and whether they need to work individually or collaboratively. Arcadis truly has an understanding of the needs of its employees!

Support and wellbeing

However, Arcadis understands that for a company to be successful, its employees need to be happy and healthy, which is why wellbeing is a top priority in this workplace. Arcadis has created wellness rooms, nursing mother facilities and recharge quiet zones. At seventy eight per cent of the desks, employees can choose to sit or stands, which encourages activity and movement while working. An enviable work environment!

Sustainable and socially responsible

Arcadis's well-planned workplace doesn't just benefit its employees - it also supports the wider community. Arcadis has an ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, so the café uses responsibly-sourced coffee beans from local Indonesian farmers. The café itself is sustainable, with a drive to avoid waste and to avoid the use of disposable cups and plastics.

Join a company where creativity, flexibility and sustainability are a priority

Enjoy a thriving and supported career at Arcadis, an industry leader in encouraging its employees to make a difference in their career.  Search Arcadis' current job vacancies and apply for your next career chapter with this top employer today.

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