Honeywell offers a supportive and progressive environment for women returners after career breaks

Honeywell has a supportive work culture for women returners

Honeywell has a supportive work culture for women returners

Honeywell provides competitive maternity and paternity policies to enable its people to take the time they need, ensure those on leave are able to keep in touch with the business, and help returners as they transition back into work.

Below we enjoy some words of wisdom from a handful of Honeywell’s returning women engineers and learn how they got to be where they are today. These mothers share their best advice their mother gave them, along with their own salient advice.

Christine Bao (Chinese name - Hui Bao) is a Honeywell Engineer, in China

Christine's best advice from her mother is "No pain, no gain." Christine's own career advise is "Your passion and interest are your best teachers."

Secil Iskender is a Honeywell Engineer in Turkey

Secil's best advice from her mother is "Never to let perceptions about gender barriers prevent me from taking on new challenges. Thanks to this advice, I have been able to create a successful, exciting career in an industry that globally is largely male dominated.

Secil's own career advice to others is "Work-life balance is critical for a happy life and to achieve this balance we need to be very well organized. My advice is not to waste any second and always learn new things and keep up your self-motivation, rather than being set back by challenges.”

Mythili Belle is a Honeywell engineert in India

Mythili's best advice from her mother is “Scale greater heights no matter how strenuous the journey may appear and how big the disappointments one would invariably have to face. The trick would always lie in how fast one is able to bounce back and work on giving 100%." 

Mythili's own career advice is "Identify your passion and work towards making a career out of it."  

Claudia Margarita is a Honeywell engineer in Acosta in Mexico

Claudia's best advice from her other is “Sometimes problems are not easy to solve, but we need to put all our energy in trying and education is the best way to face the challenges of the world."

Claudia's own advice is “You can achieve whatever you want, but you need to work for it. You need to be prepared to understand the world and have your own experiences and learn.”

Neveen Farag is a Honeywell engineer in Torrance in Ontario, Canada

Neveen's best advice from her onther is “Education is a top priority and you must be honest and ethical."

Neveen's own advice is "Never give up on reaching your goals.”

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You too could benefit from a supportive learning environment which pushes you to reach your full potential. Read more about Honeywell and the support it offers women returners, and take those first steps back into employment.

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