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Women engineers at Eaton are enjoying their careers

Women engineers at Eaton are enjoying their careers

 February 25, 2019

Eaton engineers are inventing and innovating every day. Eaton makes work exciting, engaging and meaningful for its employees through the company's dedication to tackling some of the toughest power management challenges on the planet and by never losing sight of what matters. To celebrate Engineers Week, some of Eaton's women engineers are sharing why they enjoy working with Eaton and offering tips for other female professionals.

Always learning

Eaton engineers never stop learning. It's how they solve challenges and drive innovation for Eaton and its customers, like Ramita Suteekarn, a New Product Development Engineer for Eaton.

"Foster curiosity. Answer the question 'why not' with both an open mind and pragmatism," says Ramita.

Making a difference

Eaton women

Monika Czech, Engineering Manager at Eaton, knows her work makes a difference in people's lives. That's how she makes what matters work!

"There's no better feeling than developing innovative products with a great team of talented engineers that truly transform how people work, play and live," explains Monika.

Inspiring young women


Eaton is committed to inspiring young women to embark on STEM careers. For Callan Schoonenberg, Supply Chain Management Manager at Eaton, that comes down to making connections at big decision points.

"A friend encouraged me to study engineering when I was applying for college. I'm so glad I did and had him as a mentor! I love that the field is a launchpad for so many different paths," says Callan.

Changing the world

Eaton is proud to support employees like engineer Parul Bhatt, who highlights how women can change the world as engineers.

"Starting my career at in Eaton's Industrial Controls Division enabled me to overcome stereotypes and contribute to the growth of technology as an engineer. We make girls in STEM work!" comments Parul.

Inspiring work

Jormy Zhao, senior testing and certification engineer, shares what inspires her about her work.

"Being an engineer encourages me to keep learning. Having technical ownership gives me confidence and helps me know how to push for success and win for the business," says Jormy.

Limitless possibilities 

Finally, lead engineer Rakhi Rajalekshm explains how she makes what matters work.

"I design and test algorithms for control units that help maintain power quality and minimise outages, and help make customers' devices more efficient and reliable. My work provides me with challenging opportunities and limitless possibilities!" explains Rakhi.

Eaton employees set the bar high

Eaton is confident that the company can deliver on its promise to improve the quality of life and the environment because of the attributes that employees embody.

  • They’re ethical - Eaton's strong moral compass guides its relationships with customers, partners and the planet.
  • They’re passionate, as a team and individuals - Eaton sets the bar high and its sights higher.
  • They’re accountable - Eaton employees say what they do, do what they say and take ownership every step of the way.
  • They’re efficient - With time, with money and their focus. They streamline and simplify.
  • They’re transparent - Eaton makes it okay to disagree, to experiment and to say what you think - good or bad.

Join talented women like Ramita, Monika and Callan at Eaton

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