McDonald’s shows its support for apprenticeships

McDonald’s shows its support for apprenticeships

 March 04, 2019

McDonald’s is part of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships to help improve access to vocational training for young people and they pledged to offer 43,000 apprenticeships across Europe by 2025 along with participating franchisees.

In Europe 16.8% of the population between 15-24 years are unemployed and too many young people face barriers to entry into the workplace, unable to take advantage of employer-based education and training opportunities that exist. With around 8,200 McDonald’s restaurants across Europe, the company has the potential and the scale to help bridge this opportunity gap.

Along with participating franchisees, McDonald’s was offering 43,000 apprenticeships in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland, with the aim of expanding apprenticeships to other countries in the future. The apprenticeships combine workplace training and study, enabling people to gain practical work experience and new skills that will last a lifetime – all while earning money at the same time.

Developing a range of business-critical skills

Through these apprenticeships, young people can develop a range of business-critical skills including; planning and organization, increasing sales and handling stock, customer service and decision making, developing talent, and being an inspirational leader. With the experience and support the company offers, they can go on to become the next generation of business managers in McDonald’s restaurants or to successfully pursue a career outside McDonald’s.

McDonald’s is proud of its strong track-record in offering apprenticeships in Europe. Back in 2018, McDonald’s in Germany celebrated their 20th anniversary of its apprenticeship program, and in the UK more than 18,500 qualified apprentices have come through the year-long training program since 2006. Along with the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, McDonald’s wants to continue to show what large businesses can do to give young people the opportunities they deserve, and to influence positive change at scale.

McDonald’s pledge to the European Alliance for Apprenticeships forms part of its Youth Opportunity initiative, with a global goal to reduce barriers to employment for two-million young people by 2025. Learn more about the initiative here.

Investing in apprenticeships in the U.S.

McDonald’s has granted $1 million to Skills for Chicagoland’s Future in support of a new apprenticeship program in partnership with City Colleges of Chicago. The program builds on City Colleges of Chicago’s mission to deliver exceptional learning opportunities and educational services for students. The pilot, which started in fall 2018, enabled 40 students to earn an Associate’s degree in Business Administration while working toward a restaurant management role. The grant provides scholarships to pay for time spent in class by any student who is an employee of a franchisee. As part of this initiative, McDonald’s has also joined the Chicago Apprenticeship Network to continue best practice sharing with other companies that are committed to expanding professional advancement through apprenticeships.

Kick-start your career with McDonald's

McDonald's offers a wide range of career opportunities for talented women and has more than 36,000 restaurants worldwide.

Working at a McDonald’s restaurant is more than just a paycheck, it’s an opportunity to build a successful future. 

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