Medtronic Senior Project Analyst Aidan sees product innovation

Medtronic Senior Project Analyst Aidan sees product innovation

 March 12, 2019

Where Women Work profiles Senior Project Analyst, Aidan, just one of the many talented women working in engineering with Medtronic.

An exciting career in engineering

Medtronic Aidan

Aidan is Senior Project Analyst – Core Team Lead, Diabetes, Northridge, CA, and she enjoys working at Medtronic because she is surrounded by passionate people.

Aidan says: “The days fly by while we are working diligently to integrate the latest innovations into our products. I have been given some incredible opportunities in my short time here having worked in R&D, Operations, and most recently PMO.

“I chose to study biomedical engineering because I wanted to apply my interest in math and science toward helping people. Working at Medtronic Diabetes has given me the confidence that every day I am achieving that goal. Diabetes is such a prominent disease and I am honored to be a small part of the team that is continuously working to make each patient's life a little easier.”

For Aidan, the most challenging part of her job is knowing the type of technology that exists and not being able to get it in the hands of her customers today.

She explains: “We must continue to work toward quality-driven, efficient product development processes to ensure that the benefits of each innovation can be experienced by our patients in a timely manner.”

What is Aidan’s advice to job candidates? She says: “Get involved and offer to help (even if the activity isn't in your job description). The more you branch out and experience the different aspects of an industry, the better suited you will be to accomplish your long-term goals, whatever they may be.”

Join Aidan at prime employer Medtronic

Supporting and encouraging employees is a key part of Medtronic’s culture. To enjoy a rewarding career like Aidan, apply for roles with the business today.


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