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84.51° sponsors award ceremony celebrating diversity

84.51° sponsors award ceremony celebrating diversity

 March 18, 2019

84.51° was a gold sponsor of the inaugural Cincinnati Business Courier CLIMB Awards, which celebrated companies and organisations that help the region achieve greater heights of success through building a diverse workforce. 

Leaders in diversity and inclusion

The Cincinnati Business Courier CLIMB Awards honored companies that were also championing equitable human resources practices and creating inclusive cultures. 

The annual celebration brings awareness to the businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits of all sizes that are leaders in transforming their organizations and the regional economy.

Bringing authenticity to work

Beth Giglio, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at 84.51°, shares the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

"It is well documented and well researched that the value of diversity and inclusion is high for companies. You can look at stock price, you can look at ups, you can look at year-over-year performance and ROI. That data is pretty robust - it's really getting to the heart though of engagement from an employee perspective," explains Beth.

"If I can't get somebody to bring their authentic self to work I'm missing some of their potential."

Join talented women like Beth at 84.51°

84.51° is made up of many disciplines and functions working together on missions to solve the needs of customers and clients. 84.51° is always on the look out for naturally curious people to make them better. They're always after people who are a few steps ahead and want to collaborate and stimulate their brains. Search and apply for one of the very exciting jobs at 84.51° today.


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