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Women using cutting edge technology for results at Rio Tinto

With cutting edge technologies used to discover new possibilities everyday, now is an exciting time to join the diverse teams at Rio Tinto. In this video we meet Rio Tinto employees who are excited to be working with such a groundbreaking and innovative company.

Unearthing new possibilities

"50 years ago we were loading ships that could only take just over 50,000 tonnes. Today, I'm loading a ship that can take three times that amount with not a problem in the world," says Sarah Davidson, Shiploader Operator. 

Claire Campbell-Cooke, who works as a Maintenance Integrator is excited by what these new technologies have enabled, stating "We can monitor the ships and the train movements, and we've got SMS 3D which models the stock piles. It's fantastic! Really cutting edge!" 

And further Rio Tinto employee, Operations Superintendent, Melissa Cribb says "To be the first in the industry, the first in the world - is a really exciting place to be."

Career opportunities for all

Help Rio Tinto explore new opportunities as you discover for yourself a rewarding and challenging career via their current vacancies.

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