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Hear why Holly enjoys being a Principal Consultant Arcadis

Hear why Holly enjoys being a Principal Consultant Arcadis

 March 27, 2019

Arcadis is a globally leading natural and built asset firm offering design and consultancy. There are some really impressive women who work for Arcadis and their work and projects are incredibly exciting.

Where Women Work caught up with Holly McEwan, who is a Principal Consultant at Arcadis, and asked her to share her experience of working for Arcadis and so she penned a brilliant article you can read below. Holly is certainly a woman who is seeing her career soar. Here's what she said...

Opportunities to work with high profile clients and great colleagues

As I sit here writing my first article about my experience at Arcadis I am struck by the fact that it’s been six years since I joined as a graduate within the Business Transformation team. I am now a Principal Consultant and I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone.

During my years with Arcadis I’ve been lucky enough to work with a range of high-profile clients including Scottish Water, TfL, Network Rail and GSK. Through working with these clients, I have developed my industry knowledge, skills and capabilities on each project, but more importantly to me, I have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic people.

Change management in a digitally enabled world

Arcadis Holly McEwan

Change management has recently seen a rise in understanding and acceptance from the industry, no longer being seen as 'just do some comms' - but now being understood as critical to the success of any process, technology or organisational change. Arcadis is at the forefront of this subject and are helping their clients to better understand and connect with their teams. This is increasingly important now in the digitally enabled world, which has brought about change on an exponential scale and has led to a range of new demands on leaders and teams.

Arcadis has an incredibly supportive and meritocratic culture

One of the reasons that I have been able to develop this capability and progress quickly through Arcadis is because of the culture. It is incredibly supportive and meritocratic. There is a real focus on providing individuals with the opportunity to define their own career goals and shape the look and feel of the team. This means that people are passionate about what they do, as it is their or their colleagues’ ideas that they are helping to implement. This is supported by the inclusive and flexible nature at Arcadis, where individual circumstances are respected, allowing you to tailor your working week to fit around the other demands in your life.

Being grateful for industry recognition and support

One example of how Arcadis has supported me is through the firm’s nomination of me for the Management Consultancy Awards (MCA) Team Leader of the Year. This is a huge achievement for me, because it recognises not just my client work and development of the change management proposition, but also the way in which I develop highly effective teams. I build diverse teams filled with ambitious members not afraid to make mistakes, and this creates perfect high-performing teams. Being shortlisted from many consultancy firms is a huge accolade for me, and for Arcadis also. This happened due to the belief of my colleagues who supported me along my career journey.

Join prime employer for women, Arcadis

Want to know more about change management services or opportunities within the Arcadis Business Transformation team, reach out to Holly McEwan or Alex James and see where your skills and experience might best fit.


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