Sonia Corvera and Isabel Bermúdez lead the construction of Amazon Spain's fulfillment centre that manages thousands of Amazon packages every day

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Women work on exciting construction projects at Amazon

Women work on exciting construction projects at Amazon

 April 02, 2019

Sonia Corvera is a Senior Construction Manager for Amazon Spain and Isabel Bermúdez is a Senior Project Manager of Engineering for Amazon Spain. They led the construction of Amazon's fulfillment center in Illescas (Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha) and are sharing the experience of creating such an important center for Amazon innovation.

Pursuing dream careers with Amazon

Sonia always knew she wanted to study architecture because she loved the idea of constructing buildings. What she never realized is that her career would include major construction projects like the Amazon fulfillment center.

"It was a surprise because I did not know about this world. My professional career started in traditional commerce and for the last two and a half years I’ve been in the e-commerce world," says Sonia.

"The biggest challenge has been to coordinate a huge number of people; up to 500 people, to build a fulfillment center in 11 months with a surface area of more than 100,000 m², equivalent to 12 football fields, and as long as twice the length of the Titanic."

For Isabel, an industrial engineer, her goal was to: "See the result of my work, that's why I [originally] built tunnels, and two years ago I came to Amazon."

Treating everyone in the workforce equally

Sonia designed the center with the support of a team of engineers who help provide for the needs of the Amazon teams.

"The construction of a fulfillment center begins with the selection of the space, and then the technicians come in to assess its viability," explains Sonia.

women construction Amazon

"Once the building is built, which is the part of Sonia and her team do, we go in to set up the infrastructure and turn it into a fulfilment center," adds Isabel.

In Sonia and Isabel's line of work, it's not very common to work with women. However, neither have been treated differently by Amazon because of their gender.

"It is very rewarding and in Amazon I have never noticed differential treatment," says Isabel.

Creating new opportunities in the local community

The Amazon fulfilment center of Illescas can manage thousands of packages every day and therefore is creating 900 new jobs.

"We will have barbecues, umbrellas, mattresses or broomsticks. And you cannot imagine how many [broom] sticks people buy at Amazon," says Isabel.

Illescas is a municipality whose population has doubled in the last ten years, so the Amazon center also offers a fantastic opportunity for local people.

"The jobs will give greater wealth to the community, to the people and the region," says José Manuel Tofiño, Mayor of Illescas.

Join impressive women like Sonia and Isabel at Amazon

At Amazon, everyone is empowered to share new ideas and to contribute their own unique special talents and abilities to the company. Search and apply for an amazing career with Amazon today.


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