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84.51° hosts event to celebrate womens achievements

84.51° hosts event to celebrate women's achievements

 April 08, 2019

84.51° hosted an event to recognize and share the successes of local women by inviting a group of female business owners to its Cincinatti headquarters. The event celebrated the achievements of women and opened discussion around what progress could be to create a more diverse world.

Women in business are celebrated at 84.51°

The women-owned businesses included Brewhaus Bakery Dog Treats, The Spicy Olive, Tablespoon Cooking Company, Grateful Grahams, and Lauren Pax, a yoga instructor with Define Body & Mind, along with Girls With Pearls and the Black Career Women’s Network.

As well as talks from women entrepreneurs, the International Women's Day celebration event included interactive groups and creative thinking spaces focused on diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

Women entrepreneurs 84.51

Women are included, respected and valued at 84.51°

Beyond the event, 84.51° is actively supporting its female employees.

“We’re big on inclusion,” says Terron Wilson, Talent Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, at 84.51°. “So if you think about diversity, we want that mix of talent, that goes anywhere from gender, race, diverse in thought, your experience, the background that you bring … we want to take care of those who are here now and make them feel like they’re included, they’re respected, they’re valued.”

84.51° takes care of its employees in a variety of impressive ways, such as: five weeks of vacation, fitness centers, exercise classes, relaxation rooms, mothers' rooms, as well as offering use of a masseuse and a physiotherapist.

women wellbeing 84.51

Women are mentors to new employees at 84.51°

84.51° also has a Women’s EDGE employee resource group that provides opportunities to network, support career management, and career resources, which has two new sub-committees: Women of Colour and Women in Technology.

“They pay it forward,” says Kim Wiethorn, Chief Marketing Director, External Comms, PR, at 84.51°. “As we attract more women talent, they can be mentors, they can help to guide our new employees as well.”

International Womens Day 8451

Women are given a voice at 84.51°

84.51° has also established Power Squad, a program that identifies women from diverse backgrounds who are high achievers. Members of Power Squad get involved in sessions that foster  leadership skills and equip them with extra career experience.

“We want to make sure they see people that look like them in those roles, and that we are committed to that sense of belonging once they’re here,” explains Terron. “So we want to take care of our people. We want you to feel like you not only have a seat at the table, but also a voice as well.”

Women diversity inclusion 84.51

Women in STEM are empowered at 84.51°

Finally, 84.51° has a Women in Tech program that empowers women in STEM through research, coaching and workshops. The program started when two scientists at 84.51°, Jyotsna Sharma and Meehee Kosmala, discovered the challenges faced by women in STEM disciplines after running focus groups.

“Everybody talks diversity, everybody talks about inclusion,” adds Kim. “It’s about really making our employees proud to work here and also to the outside world, sending the signal that you are welcome here, we want you to bring your authentic best self to work, and so we are a place where you can do that.”

Join the many talented women at 84.51°

84.51° is always on the look-out for naturally curious people to make the business even better. They're after people who are a few steps ahead and want to collaborate and stimulate their brains. Search and apply for one of the exciting jobs at 84.51° today.


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