Sara Siddiqi shares why she loves working for Capgemini

 April 09, 2019

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Sara Siddiqi is a Management Consultant at Capgemini. She explains why she decided to apply for a job at Capgemini, why she loves working for the company and what she believes is the future of technology and business.

Seeing the amazing impact of technology

Sara decided to join the Capgemini team because, although she didn't initially see herself as 'techy', she really likes the amazing things technology can do for customers and clients.

For Sara, the most interesting part of her job is that she gets to test and learn new approaches.

"Not just new technology, but applying agile and design thinking to traditional project management styles and seeing which bits work and which don’t," explains Sara.

"When you see something that brings impact and quality but takes as little effort as needed because you’ve taken the right approach, it’s pretty awesome."

Sharing her view of technology transformation

Sara also shares her view on technology and business transformation.

"People talk about ‘digital transformation’ and keeping up with technology but in my opinion it’s all about customer transformation and keeping up with customer behaviour. Blockchain came out in 1996, but no one thought of keeping up with the new tech then," says Sara.

"But when you link the customer behaviour to it and the business benefits: bam! All of a sudden you have music, art, property and finance all using a blockchain platform. So I think we need customer-centred technology experts to waft through the tech buzz and really guide the business to select the right technology – or not select technology – to grow the customer base."

Join talented women like Sara at Capgemini

With an inclusive focus, Capgemini actively encourages and supports women at all levels throughout the company. If you feel you have something to offer to the team, then search and apply for current job vacancies without delay.


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