McDonald’s Senior VP Lucy Brady meets customer demands

McDonald’s Senior VP Lucy Brady meets customer demands

 April 10, 2019

McDonald’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Lucy Brady, is a woman on a mission to keep up with the latest digital innovations and food trends.

Speaking during Fortune‘s Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit, Lucy acknowledged how digital innovation is something McDonald’s consistently keeps abreast of. She specifically referred to the example of keeping fries hot during delivery.

Meeting delivery expectations with hot fries

Lucy told Fortune how McDonald’s is always looking to meet customer expectations and one way it is doing just that is by considering feedback and consumer eating habits.

With many consumers regularly ordering cooked food online for delivery, Lucy has been working with McDonald’s to capture this trend.

McDonald’s has offered delivery in some of its markets for several years, but the U.S. marketplace is a newer addition when it comes to delivery.

McDonald’s rolled-out a delivery service in the U.S on a trial basis and found customers to be happy with the quality of their fries. Lucy is delighted with this as she says one reason customers come to McDonald’s in-person is because they like their fries served piping hot.

Lucy says that studies undertaken by McDonald’s into packaging innovations, plus assessing how quickly workers should place fries into bags, helped generate the positive customer feedback.

Lucy says: “With delivery making it easy for people to get food at home, we need to be thinking about how to meet customer demands.”

Lucy admits that having 70% of the population live within 10 minutes of a McDonald’s in the company’s major markets certainly helps keep the fries hot!

Join talented women like Lucy at McDonald’s

Keeping fries hot for delivery is just one of many achievements that Lucy is enjoying at McDonald’s. To play a part in the exciting innovations at McDonald's, search and apply for opportunities today. 


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