Western Union is where women work

People at Western Union give their best every single day

People at Western Union give their best every single day

Western Union shows their appreciation to their employees by offering Global Total Rewards programs that encompass more than just compensation and benefits. These include paid time off, recognition, world-class training, and a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

To ensure their programs are competitive across our global workforce, Western union regularly benchmarks their programs against those of other leading companies. They are also continually evaluating their rewards programs to ensure they meet employees’ changing benefit needs.

“At WU, we acknowledge that financial rewards, recognition and competitive benefits are important components of any ideal career. That’s why our global total rewards strategy offers market-driven competitive compensation packages, a global recognition program, and dynamic benefits packages by country,” explains Jeff, Western Union's SVP, Global Total Rewards.

Western Union's Global Total Rewards programs

Common elements of Western Union's Global Total Rewards impressive programs include:

  • Base salary
  • Dynamic benefit packages by country
  • Annual incentives
  • Paid time off
  • Employee development
  • Global recognition  

“Western Union strongly supports the pursuit of higher education for its employees. We provide financial assistance to eligible employees who enroll in qualifying programs,” says Fernando, a Western Union Digital Product Analyst.


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