Why NSW Government Dawn Routledge moved from private sector

Why NSW Government Dawn Routledge moved from private sector

"Being part of driving business-critical innovation is very exciting," says Dawn Routledge, Director of Information ICT Policy at NSW Department of Finance, Services & Innovation. "And when your private sector thinking and international experience is so highly valued, the role at hand becomes even more rewarding."
Dawn heads up a team supporting information initiatives such as the public release of open data by the NSW Government and building information services that support better value and better services. Dawn gets to work with people right across the NSW Government and enjoys their range of different inputs and skills. "Leading a high-performing and committed team is very rewarding," explains Dawn whose role includes policy development, project management as well as stakeholder engagement.
The NSW Government’s Department of Finance, Services & Innovation is driving a major reform agenda for procurement. Building a world-class procurement system that provides better value for tax payers requires long-term sustainable change. An agile, efficient, productive infrastructure driven by highly talented teams means there is now a new and very exciting narrative for government service delivery.
To bring this vision to life, the capability of the NSW Government’s Procurement arm is being re-thought, re-designed and re-built. Commercial private-sector thinking has been applied and many exciting positions are being created at all levels. There are many opportunities for talented individuals to lead and drive the transition and transformational change. The position vacancies range from those requiring deep specific knowledge and experience to positions requiring significant breadth of skills, knowledge and leadership capability. For candidates, these opportunities present an important avenue to translate operational experience into areas that could see their careers soar to the highest of levels.
"Being from the UK and experiencing government services there, has provided me with good comparative thinking when it comes to my role here in the NSW Office of Finance and Services," says Dawn. "The NSW Government's appetite for change is refreshing and so I really enjoy leading key ICT policy initiatives and guiding implementation to support delivery of customer-focused pragmatic services."
In comparison to working in the private sector, Dawn enjoys the absolute guarantee of equal pay to that of her male counterparts. Clear objectives and milestones, workplace flexibility and a strong collegial culture are also key. "Overall, I'm really proud to be part of the Government's focus on delivering better procurement and ICT outcomes," says Dawn.
Dawn's role requires her to be a highly strategic thinker and problem-solver, always effectively negotiating and influencing. Being agile and responsive to change is key for Dawn as is her ability to manage multiple perspectives. "Managing teams effectively under pressure, and at the same time ensuring good communication to keep everyone on the same page and meeting deadlines is certainly challenging, but in fact it's one of the best parts of my role!" says Dawn.
There are so many exciting roles available at the NSW Department of Finance, Services & Innovation. Find out more about the agenda for major transformation and change and the significant opportunities available for talented people.

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