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Exyte supports women returning to an exciting world of work

Exyte supports women returning to an exciting world of work

Are you an experienced professional who has taken a career break and is now ready to return to work?

Exyte makes returning to work a great option

Exyte understands the challenges women can face when returning to the workplace after a career break. It can overwhelming and worrying prospect to return to work after a career break. Maybe you feel your skills and experience don't apply to the world of work anymore, or that you're lacking confidence. You may be unsure about which way to go, how to get there or whether it’s even possible.

Supporting women in their journey returning to work

Tina Toh, Lead Cleanroom Engineer for Exyte Singapore is one woman who has benefited from Exyte's support during a career break

Exyte women returner - Tina Toh - Engineer - Singapore

When she was pregnant with her first child, her team would not let her go to the project site and would instead, take and share photos with her for her guidance. A new engineer was also attached to her as a trainee - so that when she went on her break, the new engineer could hold fort.

This gave Tina tremendous courage, because she had to manage her father’s ill-health at the same time. It gave her the confidence and comfort to take not just the four months of maternity leave, but an additional four months of unpaid leave as well.

With Exyte, everything is possible

wherewomenwork - Exyte workculture for women

Whether you need to refresh your skillset or balance work commitments with family responsibilities, Exyte can help to make the career return back to work much easier.

With people at the core of its company values, Exyte is the perfect company to prioritize women's needs and value the diversity experience.

Enjoy a fresh start with Exyte 

So, enjoy a fresh new start with Exyte today and check out the company's amazing career opportunities today.


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