Jas Fernandez, Arcadis Project Manager, explains how Arcadis' commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality has made a big impact on her life

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Arcadis Project Manager Jas Fernandez can be herself at work

Arcadis Project Manager Jas Fernandez can be herself at work

 June 06, 2019

Jas Fernandez is a Project Manager at Arcadis. She shares why she loves working at such an inclusive and diverse company which actively promotes LGBTQ inclusion.

People are respected and cared for at Arcadis

"I feel that everyone matters in Arcadis, and it's different here, so it's a place where you can feel comfortable, where people look after you and respect you," she explains.

"It has that fun element and that professional element. So Arcadis is all about being who you are. Have fun, as long as you deliver," adds Jas.

"Arcadis was the first in the construction industry to come up with a transitioning at work policy, and we pioneered it. That's actually made a big impact in my life. So this company enables us to dream."

Equality, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of Arcadis 

Arcadis recognises the value of difference and encourages people like Jas to be themselves at work. Arcadis embraces an open and unique outlook on life from every one of its employees. Arcadis knows that the best creative and innovative thinking for its clients comes from individual diversity and a supportive dynamic work environment.

Equality, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of how Arcadis improves quality of life - and the company is always looking for people like Jas who can bring their own unique perspectives and experiences. 

Be yourself with prime employer, Arcadis 

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