84.51° partners Econ Games, a data analytics and research event that introduces university students to real-life economic problems

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84.51° supports university students at exciting data event

84.51° supports university students at exciting data event

84.51° provided a dataset that introduced university students in Kentucky to real-life economic issues at a data analytics and research event.

Learning how 84.51° uses economics and data analysis

Northern Kentucky University’s Center for Economic Education (CEE) and the University of Kentucky’s Economics Department competed at Econ Games for which 84.51° is a corporate partner.

Students learned how 84.51° uses economics and data analysis to support the development of retail partners and foster customer-focused relationships.

84.51° also provided customer data from Kroger and teams of students had five hours to analyze the data and offer their recommendations to Kroger.

Discovering emerging customer trends in retail 

Matt Frey, a Senior Economics Major at Northern Kentucky University, and his team focused on the emerging customer trend of vegan and vegetarian diets.

“We researched the purchasing habits of Kroger regarding these areas. From this, we identified which diets Kroger should invest more in. We also recommended which regions could use more investment than others,” said Matt. “Overall, the competition was challenging and fun. I can’t wait to come back next year and help as a graduate student.”

Contributing to the success of the program 

Dr. Abdullah Al-Bahrani, director of the CEE and Associate Professor of Economics, and Dr. Darshak Patel, Director of UK’s Undergraduate Studies in Economics and Lecturer of Economics, helped students establish Econ Games.

“Econ Games is designed to help students learn about career opportunities and how economics is used in the business world. The success of the program is due to the partnerships we have developed with the University of Kentucky and our corporate sponsor, 84.51°,” says Dr. Al-Bahrani.  “This is an exciting way to engage students; we have had several other schools reach out to participate in next year’s event.”

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