Talented women head to Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto is recruiting talented women

If you're looking for adventure, genuinely interesting work and fantastic career opportunities, then Rio Tinto is for you.

They're a global leader in the mining and metals sector with over 60,000 people operating across six continents in more than 40 countries. From their operations to their work with communities, everything they do is with the future firmly in mind. They're committed to sustainable and innovative ways to do business, deliver results and build a great work environment. It’s how they grow - it’s how you grow. Exploration and discovery have been at the heart of their business for over 140 years. Now it’s your turn to help them explore new opportunities.

Rio Tinto goes further

Their people are their most powerful asset. They're a diverse team of talented, enthusiastic individuals who foster a culture of inclusion. They understand it helps them work together to develop a focused yet flexible career paths for their workforce. They're looking for candidates with outstanding ability and specialist experience. You'll have the hunger and drive to learn new skills and gain lifelong experience as part of a successful and dynamic organisation. You'll collaborate with some of the best people in the industry and work with cutting edge technologies. These include their custom-designed remote control systems and a wealth of sophisticated computer technology that's helping them create the mining industry for the future. You'l also help them exceed the expectations of their customers, who range from steel producers to metal retailers to hybrid engine manufacturers.

Be valued, be included

No matter how they may differ, Rio Tinto's people share one thing in common. It’s a belief that work is more rewarding when people are accepted and valued for their differences, not judged by them. It’s a belief that regardless of how people look, speak or think, they all have something to contribute and it’s this contribution that makes for a great organisation and fulfilling career. Only by working together, pooling strengths, can environments be created where innovation and creativity can grow and individuals thrive.

They get involved

The nature of their business means they forge close relationships with the environment and communities, wherever they operate. They're involved in education, supporting local communities with resources, and awarding grants for social and health programmes. Wherever they operate, they strive for close involvement with both government at all levels and NGOs. By promoting the employment of local people, improving understanding of biodiversity and land management, and contributing to worthwhile community projects, they aim to keep integrity at the heart of their company.

Be part of it

Rio Tinto's culture is inclusive, exciting and performance- driven. You'll be part of an environment that welcomes new ideas and creates confidence in your ability to learn and achieve. Because their people are their future they give you what you need to thrive. You can also look forward to a strong sense of care for your wellbeing. Best of all, you'll work with people who have a similar passion for their work, and approach everything they do with energy and integrity. Rio Tinto is a world leader in finding, mining and processing the Earth's mineral resources, and your talents. So be yourself. Be part of Rio Tinto.  

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