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HCL knows a moment of inspiration can last a lifetime

HCL knows a moment of inspiration can last a lifetime

 June 20, 2019

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Prime employer for women, HCL Technologies, recently announced some ground-breaking news that should provide many significant and exciting opportunities for talented women.

Global digital technology company, HCL, is a partner of choice in the digital age. And, in Australia, they celebrate two decades of solid growth with Australia's leading businesses.

In a very exciting and momentous move, HCL has partnered with Cricket Australia to create and scale memorable digital experiences across the cricket ecosystem, to inspire a love for the game. HCL will be providing an elevated and immersive digital experience to unite and inspire cricket fans, players, partners, employees, and volunteers across the country and around the world. This impressive collaboration seeks to scale digital transformation and inspire exceptional experiences across the ecosystem to fulfill the vision of making cricket one of Australia’s favourite sports - and a sport for all Australians.

In Australia, cricket is embedded in the national identity - inspiring and connecting people of all backgrounds. Cricket Australia serves the growth of the game in the country, and is purpose-driven to inspire everyone to love cricket.

Of course, of specific interest is the highly talented Australian Women's Cricket Team and their ever impressive Captain, Meg Lanning, and further players like Ellyse Perry. As Cricket Australia announces their new digital technology partnership with HCL, some of their best female cricketers have revealed who has been a source of inspiration for them on their journey to the elite level. Hear Ellyse and her team members share their inspiration.

HCL - Ellyse Perry Cricket Australia

A journey of learning, growth and innovation

As the world’s leading provider of digital transformation for major professional sports organizations, HCL is creating a digital core ecosystem for Cricket Australia of software, services and engineering through a platform that is data driven and focused on user experience. It includes multiple products and services that improve the experience for fans and participants.

In fact, HCL is the partner of choice for many leading firms in Australia and New Zealand, including financial enterprises, supermarket chains, telecommunications companies, and Australia’s largest city council. HCL collaborates with three of the top four banks and with the top-three retailers in Australia, empowering companies with next-gen integrated services.

HCL has eight Global Innovation Centers across the Australia and New Zealand geography - Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney in Australia; and Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand. HCL's most recent delivery center in Adelaide spearheads new-age research and technology.

So HCL constantly presents many exciting career opportunities for talented women.

Leading-edge digital technologies

HCL's collaboration with Cricket Australia provides an exciting opportunity to use its technology prowess to showcase its local footprint, innovating and influencing how Australians experience their one national sport.

"We are thrilled to partner with Cricket Australia and believe that this partnership will serve as a blueprint for organisations worldwide who are exploring technology platforms that can scale existing value chains into ecosystem-centric business models, resulting in inspiring and exceptional experiences,” says Michael Horton, HCL Executive Vice President & Country Manager, Australia & New Zealand.

“The vision of this partnership is to continue igniting passion for the game and to grow lifelong fans for the wonderful sport of cricket. We look forward to providing the Australian cricket community with leading-edge digital technologies that support real-time, engaging, personalized and unified experiences," he adds. “HCL understands the importance of retaining and engaging fans in today’s digital world. We look forward to deploying our skills and experience to increase fan delight, high performance and community inspiration for the love of cricket.”

A strong and continued focus on supporting women in technology

HCL diversity through women

HCL continuously seeks to be at the forefront of encouraging diversity. As an International Women's Day Partner and a Prime Employer for Women, HCL knows that one way to achieve diversity and inclusion is to get more women to choose an education and career in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

Additionally, as a progressive employer, HCL understands that the presence of women role models plays a key role. Especially for women starting their careers, having women in leadership positions as role models is key.

One of HCL's campaigns, #SheInspires, captures the life stories of women who have blazed a trail in STEM fields to help inspire the next generation of women leaders in STEM.

Join prime employer for women, HCL, on their exciting journey

HCL is fueled by the courage to take risks and works towards finding solutions that touch lives in new and progressive ways. 

Search and apply for current vacancies with HCL today and forge a thriving career in technology.


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