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Syl Saller talks gender equality and advertising at Cannes Lions

Syl Saller talks gender equality and advertising at Cannes Lions

 July 02, 2019

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Syl Saller is Diageo's Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer and a leading woman in the industry. She spoke at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, a one-of-a-kind event that brings together the creative communications industry every year to learn, network and celebrate.

Understanding the longevity of the Guinness brand

diageo cmo syl saller - cannes lion

One of Syl's discussions told the story of Diageo's Guinness brand where she asked: "Can a brand live forever?"

Syl discussed how Diageo marketers are looking after Guinness for a small part of its lifetime, keeping it vibrant for the future. She also explained how brand longevity doesn’t just happen, that it takes the right talent, strategy and culture. For Guinness it’s a commitment to values, conviction, reinvention and local connection. 

Driving gender equality in advertising

Syl also spoke at The Girl's Lounge to discuss driving gender equality in advertising to a full room of men and women. Syl believes that when women band together, they can achieve great things, and when men join them, their ability to create change grows enormously. 

Syl Saller Cannes Diageo

Explaining the important role of the CMO

Syl also joined Accenture and Forbes on a panel discussing the role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). CMOs across all sectors must set a long-term vision for reinvention and have a plan to make it real. For Syl, real isn’t a plan you present to the board. It’s what you do every month for years that touches millions of consumers and makes a difference in the work, to a companies’ growth and to its people.

Calling on marketers to do something brave

Syl's impressive series of talks also saw a vibrant discussion at Wake Up With the Economist, where she called on marketers to do something brave that scares them because it's what their business needs to compete with disruption and it will grow their leadership.

Join talented women like Syl at Diageo

diageo cmo syl saller - cannes lion presentation

Women's work is valued at Diageo and they thrive with the support and opportunities given to them in the company.

As one of the leading alcohol beverages companies, Diageo offers a wide range of opportunities to talented women. 

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