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Maisie is a talented pioneering woman engineer at Exyte

Maisie is a talented pioneering woman engineer at Exyte

 July 04, 2019

Maisie Kendall is enjoying a welding and fabrication apprenticeship at Exyte Hargreaves, part of Exyte. She loves taking advantage of new opportunities, competing and trying new things. Outside of her busy work schedule, Maisie's main interest is going to the gym as it helps her push herself beyond her limits and improve her health and fitness. She also loves spending time with family and friends doing different activities.

Maisie shares with Where Women Work how she overcame obstacles to pursue her career dreams and become the first woman on the shop floor at Exyte Hargreaves.

Taking every opportunity to reach her potential 

Both professionally and personally, Maisie is driven, determined and not scared of a challenge or new opportunity.

"I've always been driven by the need to improve myself through education and experiencing things first hand. I throw myself at every opportunity and enjoy taking part in everything life offers me therefore striving to reach the best of my potential. I'm an outgoing and friendly person who works well singularly, but also collaboratively within a group, clearly expressing my ideas and innovations," she says. 

Maisie is a punctual person and she is always ensuring that she is organised. "I'm always keen to learn new skills and never give up on a task until it's competed to a high standard," says Maisie. "I learn quickly from my mistakes and I'm always happy to help others, especially younger apprentices. Overall, I'm a fairly kind and determined young woman who has high aspirations in life. And I'm always willing to take on any challenge that's thrown at me."

Pursuing dreams in a currently male-dominated environment

And it's her very determination that has helped Maisie achieve her career goals in a male-dominated environment but her journey hasn't been without its obstacles and challenges.

"Leaving school at 16, I had my sights set on a pathway into engineering. I was determined to accomplish this whatever the obstacles. Before me, there had never been a female employed on my shop floor at Exyte until I got the post," she explains.

"So from being a school leaver wanting to pursue my dreams, I entered straight into a male-dominated environment. I did, however, show great courage and determination when starting the role, but I was also warmly welcomed and exceptionally mentored by my fellow colleagues."

Working as a team to makes the job come together

Maisie shares her day-to-day routine at Exyte, and how working in a team is what makes up the best part of her job. "On a daily basis, I work on the shop floor where I am now concentrating on welding. To be a good welder you need good concentration and attention to detail. I work alongside my colleagues, striving to produce the highest quality of work for the company and for myself. I'm always following the safety procedures to ensure the safety of myself and others," says Maisie.

"One of the most challenging aspects of my role is the physical side of the job. As a woman, we're genetically not always as strong as men so some of the tasks I need to perform may need some assistance, such as lifting, but my colleagues are always more than happy to help and most of the time we use the cranes or fork lift trucks to more the heavier pieces," she adds.

"My favourite part of my role is working in a team and really seeing a job come together from start to finish. The skills that go into producing ductwork from what was simply a sheet of metal still always astounds me."

Maisie also enjoys the work culture at Exyte. "From day one, the work culture has been warm and friendly. I've been mentored by some great fabricators and welders who have educated me about the skills of the trade and who've helped me find my place in the team that is Exyte Hargreaves."

"The support I've had from the people around me in the industry, and outside, has been outstanding so I hope I can show my appreciation towards them for helping me get to where I am today."

Becoming a pioneering woman in engineering

Maisie is proud to be a pioneer at Exyte - and she wants to lead the way for diversity in engineering and inspire other women to succeed in this traditionally male-dominated industry.

"My work contributes to the organisation's bigger picture, and to its direction, by me being fully committed to my entire apprenticeship. My main goal within the industry is to use my story as a guide for other women in helping them to realise there are many choices for females in engineering. I want to continue to better myself to become a strong asset to the company. I want to share my story about being one of the first females on the shop floor at Hargreaves," she adds.

Being a pioneer for females in engineering, Maisie says that she feels like women like herself can truly make a huge impact on the engineering environment and that they can break the stereotype of only men being engineers. Women can do the job just as well believes Maisie.

Sharing valuable career advice for anyone looking to excel 

For women looking to kick-start a career at Exyte, Maisie shares some great advice to help them succeed. 

"I would say whether you’re male or female, hard work, punctuality and determination are key traits any employer will look for. A genuine interest in the engineering sector will set you apart from other competition. It is important to have a ‘can do’ mindset when approaching any task, when you have this mindset no task is impossible," she explains.

And the best piece of career advice Maisie has received is from her mum, who told her: "if you want something enough, you can always make it happen."

"It's so important to have a positive mindset because anything is possible with hard work and determination, you just have to believe in yourself and never set any limits whatever the obstacles," adds Maisie. "Approaching tasks with vigour and enthusiasm is the key to becoming the best in the business."

Join determined women like Maisie at Exyte

Exyte is always seeking talented and motivated women with a great pioneering and innovative spirit. Maybe this forward-looking company is for you. Join Exyte via some brilliant jobs opportunities.

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