Northrop Grumman's Operation IMPACT helps support careers

 July 08, 2019

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Prime employer for women, Northrop Grumman, is making a positive difference in people's lives through its program, Operation IMPACT.

The Operation IMPACT (Injured Military Pursuing Assisted Career Transition) program within Northrop Grumman focuses on assisting wounded service members to transition from military service to a private-sector career. Should a service member be unable to work due to the severity of his/her injuries, the same support is extended to a member of their immediate family who may be seeking employment. 

Accessing support for a smooth interview experience

In a special video, a former participant of the program says: "The one experience that helped me the most with Operation IMPACT was when I was working with my recruiter. He helped me the most when it came to getting my resume together ... he prepped me with about 15 to 20 different questions and made the whole transition very easy. He made the whole interview experience just go very smoothly and I really appreciated that fact."

Operation IMPACT Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman offers career transition support to military service personnel

Operation IMPACT sees the acronym standing for 'Injured Military Pursuing Assisted Career Progression'. The program has been around since 2005. Operation IMPACT is truly a unique program - providing support for the severely injured service members as they're transitioning from their military career to their civilian career.

The Operation IMPACT Program also provides support to the family member who might become the primary wage earner if the warrior is then unable to work. It makes a first-hand difference to the lives of the wounded warriors and their families.

Work for an employer that supports the military 

Northrop Grumman is a prime employer for women. Search and apply for a wide range of exciting career opportunities and join the many talented women working at Northrop Grumman.


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