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Work for 84.51° in one of four exciting locations

Work for 84.51° in one of four exciting locations

 July 10, 2019

Women, do you like the sound of working in an environment full of adventure, beauty and excitement? A career with 84.51° at one of the company's four very different locations can offer all of that. 

People working with 84.51° analyze. They challenge. They are innovators. They push the limits because they believe that life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. They take business seriously, and they have serious fun. They challenge the status quo, and they strive to learn and do more. They value every opinion, and contrary thinking is their way of life.

And they do all of the above in four very different workplace environments:

Living the dream in Cincinnati

Cincinati offers beer, chili and baseball. If they're three of your favorite things, then this town is for you. 84.51° states: "We’re living the dream in the city that brought you legends like Steven Spielberg and Fiona the Hippo." See what else Cincinnati has to offer and check out open positions.

Strolling the Riverwalk in Chicago

The Chicago office is primed for great adventures. Employees have the option to stroll the Riverwalk in the morning, head to one of the city's many museums for lunch, or catch a set at Second City late-night. This town has something cool going on during every time of the day. Take a look at current vacancies

Taking in shows in New York

Women working at 84.51°'s New York office love being in Times Square. 84.51° says: "We’ve got theaters on our left, the library on our right, and don’t get us started on the people watching. This city was made for the hustle, and we fit right in." See open positions

Sipping coffee in Portland

Sometimes people want to live in a place that’s as unique as they are. And Portland offers a lot for people with an independent streak. 84.51° adds: "It also has the best coffee, and that’s honestly all the reason we needed to be here." Apply for roles

A chance to work in an inspiring and creative environment 

Women at 84.51° lead exciting and fulfilling careers in four diverse, eclectic destinations. 

There is no better time than today to search and apply for an exciting new job with 84.51°. 


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