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84.51° sees parents bring kids to work for brilliant STEAM activities

84.51° sees parents bring kids to work for brilliant STEAM activities

 July 15, 2019

Parents at 84.51° had the fantastic opportunity to bring their children into work for a day of fun activities and tours of the office space. 84.51° hosted almost 300 children who participated in fascinating STEAM activities, like making binary code bracelets and exploring 84.51°'s VR (virtual reality) studio.

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Showing children the value of hard work and education

Giving children the chance to come into the workplace is an incredible learning experience for them. At an impressionable age, it highlights the importance of getting an education and working hard in school so they can achieve their own career dreams.

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Helping to shape the ambition of future leaders

The concept also bridges the gap between the school curriculum and real-life experiences in the workplace. Not only is it fun for a child to come into work with their parents, but it is also educational, interactive and inspiring and can help shape the vision and ambition of our future leaders.

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Overcoming gender barriers and stereotypes in the workplace

Most importantly, seeing women working in a variety of impressive roles also emphasizes to young girls that there are no barriers to their career ambitions, despite gender stereotypes. 84.51°'s fantastic work will help diversify the talent pipeline and attract a range of fantastic female talent in years to come! 



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