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From Denmark to China, Exyte women forge global careers

 July 17, 2019

Exyte is a global leader in design, engineering and construction delivering high-tech facilities, plants and factories.

Exyte’s ability to attract the best talent in the industry is one of the leading strategic priorities for the business, to ensure it is able to deliver both its current and future pipeline of work. To achieve this, Exyte makes sure that its reach is not only global, but also extremely diverse.

Exyte is recruiting skilled and highly trained women to its workforce 

Exyte is currently seeking to hire talented women for operational functions, such as engineering, project management, construction management and commercial management. 

Exyte is looking for the most skilled, mobile and highly trained engineering specialists for exciting roles that include Project Engineers, Project Managers, Construction Managers, Commercial Managers, Health & Safety, Environment, Design Engineers and other experts for all disciplines.

Exyte employees work in amazing countries around the world

With offices around the world, Exyte continues to maintain its role as global leaders in its industry. The company also offers exciting opportunities for women who want to forge a global career and work in some amazing locations.

Exyte women in Russia embrace cultural tradition

As a global company, Exyte wants to make sure it celebrates cultural traditions in the countries it operates. In Russia, women love mixing both the traditional and the technical.

Russia Exyte women

Exyte women in Ireland celebrate key moments

Team culture is important at Exyte so the women at Exyte in Ireland make sure they don't miss an opportunity to celebrate special moments with their work colleagues.

Ireland Exyte women

Women in the USA are enthusiastic and energetic

Women around the world are 'Exyted' to be Exyte! The women working across many states in the USA are highly motivated to be the best they can for their company, Exyte.

United States Exyte women

Exyte women in Denmark make a positive impact 

In Denmark, Exyte women love giving back to the local community - here they enjoyed a breakfast on site and raised over 690 Euro for charity. 

Denmark Exyte women

Exyte women in China love the social side of work

Exyte women know how to achieve a healthy work life balance - like these Exyte women in China, who love to come together to celebrate important days in the work calendar through fun activities.

China Exyte women

Exyte women in Singapore stay safe at work

Exyte makes sure all its workers go home safe from project sites in Singapore thanks to regular safety talks and safety behavioral observation.

Exyte Singapore

Be part of a global community of talented women 

Do you want to work with a company which contributes to the world's bigger picture? Will you join them?

Exyte is always looking to recruit motivated and talented women, so research Exyte's wide range of exciting job vacancies and apply today


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