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84.51° Lead Consultant Kate Cullen joins panel at ANA Digital

84.51° Lead Consultant Kate Cullen joins panel at ANA Digital

 August 06, 2019

Kate Cullen is a Lead Consultant in Product, Strategy, and Innovation at 84.51°. Before her role as a Lead Consultant, Kate also worked as a Solutions Engineer in Retail Media and a Project Consultant in Brand Media at 84.51°.

Kate stepped outside of her comfort zone and seized a new and challenging opportunity: to speak on a panel at the ANA Digital and Social Media Conference.

Sharing 84.51°’s approach to predictive advertising 

The ANA Digital and Social Media Conference is an annual event that invites top CMOs and key leaders who discuss important topics such as AI, influencer marketing, voice, social media, chatbots, content marketing, measurement and more.

At the conference, Kate shared 84.51°’s approach to predictive advertising and discussed how the company harnesses data, insights, and innovation to build smart advertising.

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Taking on some thought leadership opportunities

Kate explains her decision to speak at such a prestigious conference and how it was all about challenging herself to step outside her comfort zone. 

"I challenged myself to take on a couple of thought leadership opportunities because I felt like I should start learning how to be comfortable openly sharing my thoughts. It started out with me entertaining the idea of perhaps writing an article or white paper, then perhaps a panel or a conference presentation," she says.

"I told my boss that I could always pull back mid-year if it was too far outside of my comfort zone. Here we are, one paper down, one panel down right at mid year and I am swimming in the deep end of my comfort zone."

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Learning and developing in her career at 84.51°

For Kate, speaking at the ANA Digital and Social Media Conference was a fantastic development and learning opportunity. 

"I’ll admit I was terrified right before I went up on stage, but it felt natural and not terrifying at all. This is in part because of the two wonderful souls on stage with me. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue developing and learning. Your perspectives are important. Meeting people and hearing their ideas is important," she adds.

"To truly innovate you must step outside of yourself and your normal practices. Here’s to leaning in to the discomfort."

Step outside your comfort zone at 84.51°

Women at 84.51° always have the chance to seize new and exciting opportunities to help their development and growth.

There is no better time than today to search and apply for an exciting new job with 84.51°. 


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