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Make a real difference to society as an AECOM graduate

Make a real difference to society as an AECOM graduate

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Delivering clean water and energy. Building iconic skyscrapers. Planning resilient cities. Restoring damaged environments. Connecting people and economies with roads, bridges and transit systems. Helping governments maintain stability and security.

Worldwide, AECOM designs, builds, finances, operates and manages projects and programs that unlocks potential, improves people’s lives and connects expertise across services, markets, and geographies. 

And AECOM is looking for graduates to help drive success.  

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Apply to AECOM's Graduate Development Program

AECOM graduates make a real difference to the built and natural environment in which we live, developing and implementing innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges.

The AECOM Graduate Development Program lasts for two years, and provides graduates with full financial and development support towards their relevant professional qualification, including an assigned mentor, regular residential training modules, an opportunity to work on live client projects, external training courses where required, and multi-disciplinary exposure.

AECOM has a quick 3-stage process starting with an online registration, followed by an online situational judgement test bespoke to AECOM, and finally an interview/assessment in one of AECOM's offices. 


Diversity matters at AECOM

At AECOM, inclusion and diversity are embedded in the company's purpose and are key drivers of its success. AECOM's innovation is enhanced by its ability to draw from a wealth of different backgrounds and experiences. The diversity of AECOM's workforce enables them to better understand their clients and the communities in which they live and work.

AECOM graduates

Who does AECOM look for?

AECOM values graduates who have an excellent technical grounding in their particular field, with the ability to assimilate and analyse information effectively and objectively to make informed decisions. Equally as important, AECOM looks for certain core behaviours that will enable graduates to thrive, such as teamwork, the ability to communicate effectively, the confidence to challenge and ask questions, the ability to prioritise, and creative and innovative thinking.

AECOM is seeking applicants from around 35 disciplines, including:

  • Civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, building services, industrial, fire and sustainable buildings engineering
  • Quantity & building surveying
  • Project management
  • Planning & design
  • Ecology
  • Acoustics
  • Environmental, water and energy related disciplines

AECOM graduate opportunities in the Middle East

AECOM's two-year Middle East Professional Development Programme aims to make the transition between higher education and the workplace easier. Graduates learn key skills for their personal development and future careers through training, site visits, and participation in social, learning and networking events. 

Aecom graduates

Meet brilliant women graduates at AECOM

graduate aecom

"I appreciate that the focus for graduates is on teaching and training, learning on the job and growing your skill base. I was given real projects to work on, but also the support I needed to succeed," says Maddison, AECOM graduate civil engineer.

"In my experience, I can genuinely say everyone on my team has helped me in some way. I learn something new every day just from having conversations with people. And all the graduates help and support each other through the sharing of our experiences."

AECOM graduate

"I like at AECOM how I get the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects. After working for AECOM for only three months, I was involved in one of the biggest projects in the UK, Tideway. I also think that it's the people who make a company what it is - and AECOM certainly has a great wealth of talent," explains Lilian, AECOM Graduate Water Engineer.

"I get the same opportunities as everyone else and I'm very pleased that I have great access to some of the top women in the business as my role models."

AECOM graduates

"My role on the team is quite varied. One aspect of my job is to create 3D visualizations using modeling software such as Autodesk 3ds Max ― a computer graphics program. With this technology, I build 3D spaces, then texture them and render them as realistic still images or animated sequences," says Amber, AECOM graduate visualizer.

Unlock your career potential as an AECOM graduate

AECOM has a wide variety of graduate positions available to meet your needs so you can balance both your personal and professional aspirations.

Search and apply for graduate opportunities at AECOM today.


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