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Joyce Tang enjoys an impressive 20 year career with Exyte

Joyce Tang enjoys an impressive 20 year career with Exyte

 August 20, 2019

Joyce Tang is Department Manager & Project Manager for Cleanroom, with Exyte in China. She shares her career journey, and explains how she has remained passionate over her 20 years with the same company. 

Leading multiple cleanroom and mechanical engineering projects

Joyce's love for the environment led her to pursue a degree in Environmental Engineering from Tongji University. She joined Exyte in 1999; and since then, she has led several cleanroom and mechanical engineering projects in Shanghai, and also become certified in Project Management. Among her most memorable career milestones has been the 'Meritorious Person' award she won for her first project - where she led the design and execution of a Semiconductor Fabrication in Pudong New Area in China.

Teamwork leads to award-winning success

Joyce's projects have received many recognitions and awards and Joyce attributes her success to teamwork. But what has made her continue to work with Exyte for 20 years? “My leaders have always been around to support me. They were patient and gave me the comfort to discuss all issues with them," explains Joyce. "They encouraged me to reach out to them if I was facing any problem or challenge at work. They taught me the value of being fair and just, of belonging to your team and trusting your clients and team members.” 

What does a typical working day look like for Joyce?

Joyce starts her day at 6:30am. She leaves home at 7:15am to avoid the traffic as she drives to work. Getting in early helps her plan the day well, she checks her emails and sets up her meetings. A typical day at work involves talking to her engineers and sorting out the issues on the site. By 5:30pm, she is done for the day, though work hours may get extended during critical project phases. Back home, she unwinds by reading and playing Chinese chess.

With her son studying in the United States, Joyce now devotes equal time to her parents and parents-in-law. “It is important to make your family understand what work you do. They must realize your role and responsibilities and support you. It is also equally important for you to draw the line between your office time and personal or family time,” comments Joyce.

Offering salient advice to further women engineers

And what advice would Joyce give to young women engineers? “I have always maintained that there is no difference between a man and a woman. Talk to people, enjoy what you do and get what you want. Do not be afraid to ask for help when needed, do not bear the problems on your own,” says Joyce.

Enjoy a rewarding career like Joyce's with Exyte

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